Cent narrates Baidu and Gu Ge to the search engine differs coggedly decide

Baidu is right decide coggedly condition

In any positions in webpage source code, join intentionally with keyword of webpage content irrelvant.

In any positions in webpage source code, repeat certain keyword intentionally in great quantities. Although the keyword related to webpage content, repeat intentionally also be regarded as cogged behavior.

Search engine is joined to be able to identify in the webpage but the user conceals a character invisibly. No matter be to use written language of the scenery that be the same as a back, exceed written language of small character sign, character to conceal a layer, still abuse the method such as picture ALT, attribute cogged action.

Make a large number of links intentionally point to the behavior of some network address.

Right same a network address, engine of all alone letting search and the webpage that the user visits different content (include to use heavy directional wait for behavior) .

The definition of cogged behavior is be aimed at a website and not be a webpage. Inside a website although a webpage is only cogged, this website also is considered as to have cogged action.

The link points to the website of cogged website, bear joint liability, also can be considered as cogged (but, the website that point to is linked on cogged website, do not calculate cogged) .

Google is right decide coggedly condition

Use conceal text or obscure a link.

Use conceal true content or cheat a gender to weigh directional measure.

Send automatic inquiry to Google.

Use have nothing to do webpage of diction to load.

Found include the many webpages that repeat content in great quantities, child region or region.

Found installation virus (be like, trojan horse) or the webpage of other and harmful software.

Use the bridge page that makes technically in the light of search engine, or if couplet belongs to a plan,use this kind achieves content formerly very few or the convention that did not achieve content formerly almost (Cookie Cutter) means.

The 7th when Baidu emphasizes here, did not notice to pass a question before, through the examination of a week, the website of a lot of exchange has the friendship link share that discovers a website cogged behavior, deleted in time, also meet those who affect a website collect otherwise. Too dangerous, everybody often also should check friendship to link.