Catch up with Gu Ge to cross birthday to stand newly PR of a month is worth from 0 arrive 5

New station PR of a month is worth from 0 to 5 how to drill? The line on the website just spent a month, meet Gu Ge to update greatly: Pr is worth actually from 0 rise 5 directly. Think this Gu Ge is too easy also, too beyond my expect.

Nevertheless anatomize falls, this is accident not just: The reason that has a lot of can explain this is a fact is certain.

Above all the itself that the reason is our website of course

1: The program of our website, reach structure and overall arrangement very cater to search engine. Our webpage also is to make static page.

2: The in-house join of the website is very good also. This also added the deal of our website greatly.

3: The density of the website description of the Title caption of our website and Meat label, keyword is more reasonable. I think a spider people also can like.

4: Mutual connection is like website person. Although be new,stand so, exterior join also is little not. Our website also looked for a few pretty good websites to exchange friendship link. In addition, we still go up to net of guest of a few professional rich rich. This has also increase a few one outside even.

It is our website has an editor to update everyday additionally: Gu Ge is collected increasing everyday. Also be this bit a bit important more special.

Besides these, server. Domain name respect also should have bit of effect, the domain name is very concise, the server also is ourselves.

Had these to be born 10 years to update such good luck greatly plus Gu Ge, it is difficult that PR wants not to rise.

Actually in the final analysis, related to PR value also with respect to these things, basic also be very much the same. The key is how everybody holds one by one. Did, had been done, spider nature won’t be fed up with you. He also contact a network is not very long. Return great communicating so that mix each later. Bless everybody finally. (