Case study of Baidu snapshot retrogression and remedy measure

Make a station also a few years, understand SEO without development before, had not encountered the situation that what Baidu snapshot goes backwards almost, of course, did not optimize, do not go on the keyword, flow is not high also.

After doing SEO, if your station has stabilized period of time, that needs skill, this skill does not talk temporarily, talk about the reason that Baidu snapshot goes backwards now.

Actually, the biggest reason is you sparked the Baidu penalty to SEO bottom line, that is to say, search engine thinks you are excessive optimized a website, have penalty so, so snapshot optimizes the time before to you with respect to retrogression. Such your optimize also do not have any effects. Because be inside the search, the content that you stand still is the content before optimizing. When the station is being made before my individual, have many similar, have this month for instance, , collected many content, in Feburary 7 updated next snapshot ranks to rise some. However, when I still do not have there’s still time to do bogus to be achieved formerly to collecting content, baidu snapshot first my one pace go back arrived last in Feburary the snapshot of 2, make the rank after rising slippery.

Since find a reason, can undertake remedying.

1, it is reductive you originally page content. But make a sense so not quite, looked for a keyword hard to undertake optimizing, arrive to must delete redo afresh again finally, this is a very depressed thing, and even if restored, that is equal to went up again original orbit, do not have any progress namely, do not suggest to be done so.

2, reduce you optimize degree, the likelihood is you are done the madam is too apparently, add for instance thick red what add, search special to this kind cold, retrieve add newly thick add red, and these words and your key word is concerned, it is with respect to judgement commonly cogged, without what why. I had optimized net of a novel, add namely thick add red, snapshot goes backwards immediately, after adding thick take out, pass two days to return to normal.

3, analyse you new keyword and old whether don’t have correlation or the difference is too big, if the difference is too big, without any be concerned about, go backwards for certain, the observation that enters one end length to amount to a few days next period, general consequence, it is Baidu K drops you all pages, withhold a snapshot only the homepage before a month.

4, if you press the measure above to undertake,remedy, sitting to await next, the time of that need is too long, not economical also, continue to guide Baidu spider at that time with respect to need, but your new keyword is used in the join name that is sure to keep in mind not outer catenary at that time, search otherwise can undertake judging again, raise dangerous machine rate, had better wait so after optimizing, website safety transfers half month above, reentry travel website is exterior keyword weight join.

5, if you had not been done,optimize, but Baidu snapshot goes backwards again, the content that that shows to you stand is duplicate the gender is too strong, perhaps do not have a meaning, this kind of case is simpler, whats need not are in charge of, look for some of content that achieves formerly more, update next websites more, a few days restore. If did not restore, the content that shows your this website then has done not have much great sense, suggest to abandon.

Actually, do afresh to already stable website optimize, it is very breakneck, do not take care, be fallen very easily to counterpoise immediately, that no matter later how, wasted time of a few days more at least, for example I begin to transfer optimized bring about Baidu snapshot a many month was not updated, although collect,be as high as 20W, estimation receives the result that go down to be depilated namely, leave a homepage only.

We can compare Baidu into a wild dog, if you and it was familiar with, often throw a thing to eat to him, delicious, it comes naturally every day, if one day you threw different thing, he can raise vigilance for certain, run far, because he has eaten such too much having a deficit, for instance rubbish stands, black hat SEO, undertake observation period next, maintain far distance, the likelihood can eat after a few days again below, likely also a few days do not eat, after all the target that he can choose is too much. Encounter this situation so, we are about to examine this food, and the most important is this alimental type, if be very popular keyword, the poisonous steamed stuffed bun that for instance the dog often eats, na Gongxi you, very affirmative it is far from you forever, if that is some rarer, consistent, that OK, continue very easily to build an affiliation again with the dog, ah

Saw next Baidu snapshot today, a few stations also went backwards, after-thought analyses next reasons, nothing more than these a few kinds, actually very good solve, important is time, alas, time. But our stationmaster most what cost does not rise is time, server cost, broadband cost, living cost, so everybody is in when optimizing, best caution takes care carefully again.

Of course, best method has your thing in dog first time namely when, had optimized, after for instance Baidu is collected, or weight low-down moment is optimized, that effect special good, after taking first time because of the dog, eat able to read aloud fluently, natural meeting eats more more. A when just did for example new station although content is not much, user experience also was not done, but the dog had collected many 5600 however, a few keywords also discharged good place.