Case analysis sees keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases through sina female page

Core clew: Keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases and bridge page still have certain effect to Baidu, the Keywords in Meta is not very important any more to Baidu it seems that.

Long hear of before there is true SEO superior in sina, sina recreation is the channel of key case tutorial that a few SEOER pay close attention to more, but now and then the one word that the search is worth to collect, discover original sina female is done well also.

Before Baidu searchs what derive with be worth to collect in relevant keyword 10 pursue as follows

In Baidu the search is worth to collect

The word that this elder brother heats up Baidu and sina two pairs a bit a little absolutely not be irresolute when firmness is needed. Another is worth to collect a keyword, they exchanged each other the rank is ordinal.

The sina female in Baidu snapshot basically used the many ×× that is worth to collect

How to see the family does a keyword? Add what wide area is linked or have certain effect, what sina female wants to do at the outset is to be worth to collect rich settle or live in a strange place this word, this word ranks the 8th.