Caption of website of key word of load one’s writing with fancy phrases of slam the door highlights brand or website name

A few days ago respecting, met the curator of website of a travel, his website just acted as agent from at that time over there should come back, oneself are independent and responsible, the knowledge that builds an aspect to the website knows nothing about, do not know how to be popularized. See " is my company website mine? " he returns respecting, the most dejected be: In the search of Baidu, cannot find almost, baidu is not searched, the family does not know his website, do not know how to begin to do to raise Baidu to rank now.

I say, raise the rank of Baidu, have a lot of sides, included all fields that the website is built and popularize almost. I let him send the station I look, I am opened, read the website headline with long be expected to rise, load one’s writing with fancy phrases the key word of one pile:

** travels | ** travel net | ** travel agent | ** hotel guesthouse is booked | ** travel circuitry is booked | ** travel portal | ** travel forum | Information of ** travel person of the same trade releases platform to wait

I see the headline of that website, feel the issue came, do not say how that website is popularized, such website caption, can there be good rank in Baidu? Be afraid impossible.

Chinese vast territory and abundant resources, water of strange hill different is much! Travel website, travel net is increased behind the place name that you want to input a province only, the website of top class domain name also can find out 10 a few come out, intense this shows of competition one spot, if carelessly the promotion of the website and optimized word, be like,be in not easily really forest win out in adversary.

In the website optimize on, among them the caption label that a the mainest factor is a website (Title Tag) , resemble the website caption of this travel net above, an optimizes in the light of Baidu means that was in the past. The Baidu at that time, still do not have present clever, it is OK that you are used up load one’s writing with fancy phrases some key word, in order to raise the possibility when Baidu is searched. But present Baidu is different, you such caption, can be thought by Baidu only rubbish website, you do not think Baidu is a robot, key word caboodle is together, present Baidu also has his thinking.

So, how to take a good website title? I think, the charming to the user caption that cuts with is again appropriate nevertheless. Telling a search engine the website is main so do this, website content also spreads out around this caption.

Website caption should have enough appeal to the user. When the website that becomes you is listed in search engine, the caption of the website comes from namely at caption label. The user should click which website in judgement when, depend on greatly of your mark inscribe how? Resemble the website caption above, it is be searched, see one caboodle key word, do not know what those who say is again, reckon the someone also won’t be clicked.

Website caption key word is unfavorable and overmuch, it is OK to become 32 key words, such looking jackknife of nonexistent key word, through searching the participial technology of engine, can have the effect of many key word again. For example my rich guest is with the learner that build a station this website caption is key word formerly, see the performance in searching engine is not very good later, I combine the content that him article classifies now, advocate caption changes a website to build promotion – the rich guest that network SEO optimizes subhead to fly upwards to build station learner dust, alter so, advocate the participial technology that caption props up through search index had several such key word: SEO of promotion of website construction, website, website, website is optimized, website construction promotion, SEO is optimized etc.

So, here, I think, should the website caption of key word of load one’s writing with fancy phrases of slam the door, of course, below probable condition, mention your brand or website name in caption label as far as possible. ( author: ? With respect to Lian Chang?