Cannot ignore 17 of the SEO in searching engine to optimize army rule

Search engine is optimized (SEO) like CS, having a few army plan not allow to ignore!

1. does not let off the Title of the webpage forever, this place should be the key of your every suboptimization, resemble playing CS same, it is equivalent to weighing Ju, very effective, biff is killed surely.

2. is not in please Title, description, too much thing is written in Keyword, the more greedy, those who get is less, forever the bear that engrave breaks corn, when SEO, in the mouth must silent reads aloud: I am not ursine.

The head of 3. webpage and bottom are very important, to search engine, the head is antitank grenade, bottom is flashy, as far as possible add key word inside, you can discover, search engine remains the lifeblood of the half only.

4. decides good gun your life and death, it is stable M4, still be Biao Han’s AK, this is need yourself choice, so, a good key word, also need you to choose seriously, what do not choose is too wide, too wide you are done do not gain a family status, what also do not choose is too narrow, too narrow even if accomplish the first, not much also discharge.

5. remembers money buys ballproof clothes, doing SEO also is same, want to bit of thing protects put oneself in another’s position at least, one’s deceased father | Try / calculate you to make rubbish station greatly, also resemble a normal station on the vision at least please, do not go in with respect to underwear, sexual things advertisement flies all over the sky, even if not by K, the user also can distain you.

6. does not care about density of so called keyword, the density that wants you only does not exceed 50% , the content that wants you to offer only is accorded with, the content that wants you only is important for the user to you, indispensable, proper affiliation some the keyword is in the page, it is better only remind search engine: Father is here, will quickly look!

7. discharge is very important, you do SEO, it is for discharge, do not feel to feel embarrassed, discharge rose, put the ad of GG first, it is a dot a bit.

8. advertising is put, have the distinguishing feature that nods oneself, what people says 300*300 is good, are you used? Look first comfortable the website that does not suit oneself, is the style consistent not? Him base oneself upon (nevertheless the GG advertising of 300*300 is very good truly. )

The catenary outside 9. is very important, go searching as far as possible, look for those who be less than PR5, those who look for a PR4, if connect the link of PR2 to cannot be found, friend, that I very the bearing that suspects you and appearance.

10. group hair be equivalent to losing aerosol to play in him base, of card should absolutely refuse to to say, still cannot see a person, finally, knowing to death is how dead, do bad to still can be distained by the companion.

11. is not in QQ group send group of mail, very dull, even if not by T, also cannot get how many IP

Everybody is saying 12. content is king, if you do not have time to do content, change change the content that come around, do not collect tens of thousands of go up directly, you try to eat 20 steamed stuffed bun, maintain do not maintain?

13.SEO is not to discuss picture and Flash really, if picture and Flash can make your website graces,do not pass, proper still is to use, not whole webpage is color and literal composition, what is decorated do not have, when then you play CS, do not buy a gun directly, do not buy bullet, do not buy ballproof garment to try?

14. by Baidu K, do not resemble a family dead be being scolded everywhere euqally, consider yourself’s matter above all, why what others does is good, do attentively, what consider SEO far from is OK have very good search collection and rank, you think SEO every day, affirmative meeting ignores the thing with more precious website: User experience!

Price of contest of 15. search engine still is a good thing, can let what your what thing does not do arrive at least the first page, of course, premise is money wanting a flower.

16. content builds an aspect, do not want you to add new content everyday, at least 2~3 day is added a bit, resemble CS5VS5 same, at least you also should go out to put two guns, the result that hides in base not to go out is flogged by people on one’s own side namely cadaver.

17. flexible language is important, won’t write soft article, the SEO of the catenary outside won’t increasing is not true SEO, of course, you also can employ a person to write.