Can the toolbar help a webpage be collected by Google?

Yesterday, the dot has netizen query in stone forum: “Can installation Google Toolbar make Google collects a webpage better? " although Google is special,explained in rich guest with the Matt Cutts of SEO contact with cannot, and return introduced to think the friend follows him to make out of the money accordingly. But to broad netizen, think which experiment is undeserved still authentic. So I also express my view with respect to this problem:

Will tell from the technology, use Google Toolbar can capture page is feasible completely. Because use the IE that takes Google Toolbar to visit a webpage, can transmit the data that browse to Google. Google is completely OK according to this data, expedite creeping program to undertake capture to the page instantly. But we need to consider the following issues:

1. The core task that searchs engine at present is not to collect more pages. To search engine, capture more significant information are indispensible. But at present level, collect an amount with its care it seems that, collect mass as the care. Even the so much site that hands over artificially in Google everyday, google has not enough time to also be not collected certainly at all, so the toolbar that serves as a machine is handed over it seems that more not worth accredit.

2. Show some to collect a mechanism to be able to ensure the site of real high quality is collected basically. Because the basis searchs the radio cassette player with existing engine to make, almost the site of real high quality meets 90% above to be collected.

3. Google believes to link computational standard more, this kind of method more the judgement that is helpful for pair of value information. Support catenary fetch discovers a site, rely on to install a toolbar than this kind, hand over artificially should many valuable. Because operate harder easily. The issue that shows level to search engine lacks the information that did not collect a site, need to whether be worth to collect to the site however should make judgement. Make this one judgement, return so that rely on a link to perhaps wait for complex algorithm to decide artificially at present.

4. Extremely inequitable to those users that did not use a toolbar. Also increased to be provided in all at the same time burden. When each site is opened, the toolbar needs to check to his database whether to collect, judge this to collect according to this complex system even next.

5. Not was necessary to make a toolbar temporary assume these jobs at all. Let a toolbar become more complex with its, still be inferior to basically be in Google search domain name, if was not collected, google is collected. The search frame that uses itself site can accomplish this. At present the biggest effect of the toolbar still is convenient everybody more use Google to search conveniently.

Of course, above analysis is from what at present search current situation considers. From the point of Google angle, it is OK to use a toolbar the user action with much collect, this searchs quality to improvement, understanding netizen habit have profit very much. Do not eliminate, did not come one day some, whether does Google collect the user behavior of toolbar statistic the tool that ranks with the keyword as the decision.

But at present the state looks, let a toolbar produce a few immediate impacts as a result with the search not actual. If the toolbar can improve a site to rank really, so I believe to be born quickly one pile uses a toolbar to come cogged method. Look to operate now rank of a keyword is easy, still operate Alexa rank is easy, you know sequential seriousness. Before Google was not wanting good to answer cogged measure, dare start easily how? ?