Can last what talk Chinese SEO development

The problem that Chinese SEO faces:

  1. The professional SEO lack from office staff
  2. Of SEO group lack
  3. The deficient of SEO directive concept
  4. Lack is communicated between SEO and search service provider
  5. The lack of SEO tool
  6. SEO academic knowledge is scattered
  7. Acting channel appears between enterprise and SEO
  8. SEO grooms the lack of the orgnaization
  9. Of SEO misinterpret

These problems are the very real factor that restricts Chinese SEO market to expand, should make Chinese SEO implementation can develop continuously, in the following job, in learn and studying, we always must notice to had handled this kind of issue, highlight Chinese SEO contradictorily to ring alarm bell noisy.

Analyse the problem that Chinese SEO faces:

1.The professional SEO lack from office staff

Since Chinese SEO market warmed up stage by stage 2003, but the personnel that major is engaged in SEO is lacked relatively, the company that major provides SEO to serve also is little little, according to maple forest the SEO that knows China more it is to pursue free profession or individual site, oneself build a station, him SEO, him accrual, live the life of autarky, does the analysis give the reason that shows this kind of case? is SEO in network company or do a few industries survive very hard? What condition is restricting these SEO not to pursue the SEO job of full-time? Worth while and thoughtful.

Of 2.SEO group lack

Current and character, dot stone is interactive group very make good, dot stone is interactive what they say no less than in that way, be the group of property of a commonweal completely? Does commercial group where? Perhaps should be professional when the group that provides SEO service goes heat, the small-sized group that SEO of a lot of people is 1-3 individual offers SEO to serve, a few successful case and successful experience also are only publish in rich guest with the individual’s name or on a few column, the conviction of these characters how? The company credit to this kind of character degree how? Perhaps take out bit of thing only, let those company managers that get government treat a few real income, they just can affirm the existence of SEO, ability can care about SEO talent, ability can value SEO talent resource, network company, use SEO talented person at present more websites that are a few B2B, or a few network companies that provide a website to extend a service.

The deficient of 3.SEO directive concept

Individual experience is in the majority, lack the cooperative SEO experience of normal group, SEO client teachs intellectual system, SEO price system, what SEO credit ensures a system to wait is not perfect, it is more difficult to bring about SEO to carry on, basically rely on individual reputation, this namely a lot of clients are searching when providing a service, always think " buy after foretaste " reason, if have,assure, first " after tasting, buy " it may not be a bad idea, “Preemptive hind taste " does the interest of business of service of SEO of it may not be a bad idea and client always need to get ensuring?

Lack is communicated between 4.SEO and search service provider

A few years when develop in Chinese SEO twist, have not has heard SEO orgnaization and search engine serve a company, had had what depth communicate or of consultative and so on, instead more it is the speech that hears a few repulsion, of what SEO cogged and so on emerge in endlessly, maple forest the more that thinks to be lacked between both is communication. Why not static will next hearts talk well? Perhaps the problem is solved very easily, of SEO substaintial accrual is search engine, OK and affirmative so say.

The lack of 5.SEO tool

Lack applicable China SEOer people SEO tool, each search engine also lack the SEO tool of oneself, of course, google treats SEO the way deserves affirmation, the tool of manager of a few websites of Google also receives SEOer quite people welcome, domestic Sogou is current very make good, from 2006 second half of the year its also rolled out many outstanding products, be worth to recommend and learn.

6.SEO academic knowledge is scattered

Lack a whole academic knowledge system, of course this system is formed very hard also have a lot of objective reasons, the way that SEOer studies is not comprehensive, of system of SEOer oneself knowledge not perfect, the time of individual SEOer and energy are not enough wait for a problem, be in China, perhaps suit to do learning to consider most in the university only, be? Before paragraph some university of abroad of report of guest of rich of time place stone offers SEO course, listening is gratified, but see home have mug-up sick at heart again, the comment of netizens also reflected a reality seemingly, china always should lag behind a few years than home even a few years.

Acting channel appears between 7. enterprise and SEO

Is the enterprise entered network sale period? Casual company seeking the home asks, have a website? Say to have. But pass a website truly to go to those who achieve sale a few there are? More it is to comply with the wind of tide, differ a few years at this o’clock than abroad again, especially a few enterprises of ministry of Chinese Chinese and Western, the general and decision-making thought of this likelihood and course of study of the state-owend enterprise in the enterprise " general give the final decision " concern, OK and affirmative ground says, most company manager does not know network sale, do not know what SEO is east, have what value to the enterprise, say they know a clerk probably, more enterprises still are in original public praise sale, phone sale, the times of conference sale, website sale, search engine sale, email sale, rich guest sale it is a new idea to them, does acting channel exist between enterprise and SEO? Too terrible!

8.SEO grooms the lack of the orgnaization

Of course this is inevitable, as a result of the major lack from personnel of course of study, obtain employment side is opposite narrower, groom the market of the orgnaization is stagnant. More is website or network company are willing to accept SEO to groom.

Of 9.SEO misinterpret

Exist to SEO in the SEOer that often has technical communication in us misinterpret the there are plenty of such people that perhaps misunderstands. Is SEO key word rank? Send rubbish link? Software group hair?

Maple forest what should say is key word the rank is not SEO, if which SEO serves business high speed,you assure key word to rank the speech of and so on, it is completely in talk nonsense. As a result of this kind of misinterpret existence, caused a lot of problems, the rank of key word of idolatry of a lot of SEO, of leave no stone unturned seek high grade link, this use SEO falls in Baidu search, look for a few sites to be in next MSN or Yahoo or the comparison that Sogou(retrorse link updates is fast) Link, can discover, some are to come from leave a message this, some come from link factory, some come from rich guest comment, some are to stick, wiKI, some are unidentified links, what so called unidentified link points to is one-way link, it is the site in him client commonly or bogus client site (the site that still is oneself actually) the link that joins oneself to stand, and the SEO target station in oneself did not appear however the link of those stations, general and retrorse link has this kind of site that relies on rubbish link to obtain key word to rank very much characteristic, the type difference that links a site is bigger, for instance SEO site discovers many company site, recreational site perhaps is not technical rich guest in great quantities, leave a message this link that is suspectable.

The friendship link of pure nature is not absolutely such, at least others also must reprint an article as similar as him site photograph perhaps pay close attention to degree to compare high essay, the link that don’t these wind oxen and hores-beeasts of burden reach from why and come? Be worth to think.

Such looking, personnel of sale of network of a lot of professions or company, include to search engine company, misinterpret to SEO generation not fathomless also, what perhaps their more sees is rubbish link, the rich guest that those who see is him is commented on or the company leaves a message this in the rubbish of purpose of the business that be had links a cram, remember Feng Ying building a teacher to be opposite at the outset maple forest had said guest of sale person rich is linked by rubbish the problem that kill and causes PR prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, the SEOer that be engaged in to those here or will be engaged in Hat SEO people say voice " develop to can last of Chinese SEO, ask you lenient. Ask you lenient..

Can somebody ask that what is SEO after all?

Maple forest: “SEO is to be in it is premise with high grade content, the search engine that goes raising a website on the base that improves user experience is friendly degree. The search engine that goes raising a website on the base that improves user experience is friendly degree..

The explicit expression that passes SEO website is the promotion of discharge, collect the promotion of the quantity, the promotion of ALEXA, the nature that partial key word ranks promotes, the promotion of PR. Of course these is opposite enterprise, to searching engine, have profit greatly to SEOer, what is there against it child?

Above all is belonged to maple forest (Tian Feng forest) individual character, it is cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, develop about can lasting of Chinese SEO, if you have the opinion with good what to perhaps suggest welcome and maple forest compare notes: