By plan teaching you search engine to optimize flow

General SEO optimizes 4 large parts comprise is respectively:

Structure of interior of the first website is optimized

Include to be in website interior is all and OK pilot element.

For instance website size, website structure, website navigation column, title label, keywords label, description label, the size of page file, website static state is changed, of catalog and file name and the hierarchy of catalog, the keyword is in the layout in the webpage, whether is the keyword included in H1, in H2 label, whether to need to add about key word thick, keyword density, article writing, stem technology, the structure of in-house link reachs the text of the link, picture ALT attribute, derive link, code is optimized etc.

The 2nd website is exterior optimize

Basically point to the circumstance of exterior link.

For example the amount of exterior link, quality, come from which kind of domain names, link the dependency of page and website theme content, whether does link text have a keyword, link the diversity of text, link the accident of existence time, link itself and link text follow the change of time, across is linked and exchange the element such as the scale of the link.

The 3rd domain name reachs degree of belief

With the element that the degree of belief of domain name and whole website concerns.

For instance domain name age, the domain name registers time length, domain name holder changes with what the history records, domain name and website and other the associated sex of what website, wait by degree of belief of domain name of decision of very much unknown factor, register time to grow more commonly, the weight of the domain name is taller, the degree of belief that search index props up pair of domain names is taller also.

The fourth user experiences

This is a lot of one part that optimizes personnel to be ignored the most easily, be absorbed in getting the rank, little imagine user experiences ability is website lifeblood place, a website does well user experience only plus rank advantage, this ability is true SEO. Actually the thing ability report of a lot of detail gives a website advocate whether to use a heart, add customer service system on the website for example, stand in the article join below every article like 365KEY, QQ bookmark convenient the function that collect, these detail such as relevant article are very important.