Build a website how to raise 5 of discharge significant step

The first pace: Prepare program of elegant, fast space, website to release fewer but better website content

Point: Do not beg program function powerful, but beg order rate to be not used quickly collect a function, release many rubbish information, be about to be released by hand with the handpick content closely related website theme.


1, rate is slow, can lose the discharge; of 50% above

2, do not hang play a window, the code that play a window is stronger, PV exceeds a base. When I hang the 100% super code that play a rate, PV achieves 2; only

3, do not want the website content that institute of a lot of center says wait for information to abound, engine is collected with respect to this kinds of many utterance. New station does not have discharge, without the rank, calculate the content that has 10G, engine also won’t collect you a lot of pages. Right way is: Content wants fewer but better, do bottom attune to optimize. About optimizing, already a lot of stationmaster have the introduction, did not say more here, ask you to remember only: Optimized basic jumping-off place is be not sealed to stand by engine, optimized purpose is to increase engine to collect an amount effectively. The course makes good above point seriously, your website can have precious earlier flow (I call it to start discharge) for the website.

The 2nd pace: Brush discharge, raise Alexa rank

Want to obtain larger flow, the website itself that needs you should have flow. Ah, very contradictory. The fact is such. Engine likes discharge the website with big, high rank. New station engine collects the pity with little quantity, we can use the method that brushs discharge. Do not know with what method everybody brushs a station now? The proposal is used brush flow measure newly to leave brush, recommend the website that brushs discharge.

Point: 1, brush the flow that give to want to stabilize;2, proposal to brush Alexa to rank 100 thousand till the left and right sides. According to our analysis, although this kind of brushs a rank means that we provide won’t be allowed why to be punished, but also do not advocate the 100 thousand website inside to brush a rank, although want to brush, also want those who have interval to brush, because this brushs a rank,suit those who build a station to be in with the rank 100 thousand outside () of a brushing a rank is promotion of website initial stage only important step.

The 3rd pace: Insist to update content

Had content (really) , had flow (false) engine is natural often patronage your website. The rank is adjacent 100 thousand when only Baidu collects a page to count should can achieve 2~3 10 thousand. The proposal updates at least 10 everyday, do not exceed 1000 content at most. You can discover, every other a few days, discharge breaks up.

Point: (Very important oh) best hair achieves content formerly (gibberish) if; is collected, also do not want to be released directly, must do a few republication after altering. Revise caption, new composing for instance, similar 2 lie between content to compose a literary works, change long title into concise caption to wait a moment (when writing this, I feel myself a bit excited, it is the most important to breathe out those who because this is optimized namely,breathe out point) . Engine likes to be achieved formerly, we so do purpose, let cause namely think your content is to achieve; formerly 2 not be 100% clone, this also is guarantee against what be blocked by engine is important assure.

The 4th pace: Increase exterior connection quickly

Exterior join number is a rank besides, evaluate the main factor of website grade, also be the crucial factor that raises engine to collect an amount (the first it is discharge) . Do not count on friendship to join, literal catenary brings rich and generous discharge to you. Unless Netease is in,home page did friendship to you.

Point: Hide in issuance information the join that points to you to stand. Such, when others collects you to stand, collect join likely together, inside short time will increase exterior join amount tomorrow, can bring pace billabong to measure. Attention: Outstanding hide, not beyond the mark. If whole article is join, 1 key can delete stationmaster of the other side all join. You can go up with punctuation mark even make connection, set the mark 100 kinds.

The 5th pace: Tarry person.

Had discharge to not be equal to somebody to enrage. The on any account that leads later just is the main index that measures glamour of a website.