Build a station to enter rank: How to go to those who accelerate webpage snapshot replacing rate

What is webpage snapshot

Alleged webpage snapshot, the principle is search index props up every to collect a piece of webpage, can undertake the webpage first capture, and duplicate and store webpage content rise.

Search engine and undertake classified arranging sort to snapshot, put webpage snapshot, it is when the user so when search information, can see corresponding webpage, when searching engine to search information, there is webpage snapshot link after every webpage end, cannot search normally when the webpage, still can use at inquiring the webpage is searching the content that engine stores, webpage snapshot matters to a website collect the relevant content such as the rank, how better control webpage snapshot, very necessary.

Search engine capture but webpage snapshot is not updated however, how to rise

In you website blame is collected, content is rich, website structure, interior links whole situation to fall, can consider the following matter:

1, whether does the website have recently alter;

2, the website has deny cogged, keyword load one’s writing with fancy phrases, cause search engine to fall authority;

3, server operation is stable, when should searching engine capture won’t cannot move normally because of the server and cannot capture, server Ip has the site that other is handled by search engine to bring about a website to suffer embroil;

4, website weight is too low, much hair some practical achieve formerly kind article, website friendship is linked related crossing-over, website weight is tall, although content was not updated, search engine spider often also can come, webpage snapshot also every day new;

5, in the website with website inferior degree of belief, although often update a webpage, webpage snapshot also won’t be updated at once, search engine can put content into cache server to undertake analytic arranging first, through corresponding time, search index props up natural meeting to give off webpage snapshot, need not too care about webpage snapshot, manage well safeguard a website, develop the habit that searchs engine slowly, slowly it often can update; to your webpage snapshot

How to accelerate the newer rate of webpage snapshot

Forum, go relevant website sends some of theme card, leave oneself network address message.

Cooperate, exchange friendship link with relevant website, mutually beneficial website.

Rich guest, rich settle or live in a strange place opens in bigger portal website, send some of flexible language, leave message of him network address.

Interlocution, go Baidu knows, skyline interlocution, sina loves to ask, Yahoo knowledge answers, send some of ask oneself to answer oneself content leaves network address.

Information, go corresponding website sends some of information promotion to issue his, the proposal does not use group of hair software.

The analysis collects webpage snapshot

Snapshot of the webpage before collecting: The website is being collected period, google search engine is collected soft fast, yahoo searchs engine next, baidu search engine is slower (acquiescent is 3 days – 30 days in) , during collecting a website, do not have snapshot, want to await patiently.

Collect period webpage snapshot: Inputting website name to be able to search a website in the website normally, demonstrative webpage snapshot is being collected normally in updating.

Blame collect webpage snapshot: The midway after the website searchs engine to collect may be alled alone by search engine K is dropped, bring the take out in propping up index in the search temporarily, but do not explain the website is not indexed prop up capture by search, search engine still can enter capture sometimes, just can not put just, want to hold to user experience to be a target, manage well, safeguard well, webpage snapshot is updated or can restore. (