Build 6 when the website undertakes searching engine optimizing basic measure

SEO6 pace takes a way

: of the first pace? Does  of Pa of weed of  Jin Ju flinch postscript?

(The area: of 1) server? Discharge  bars? of  Mou Huang is southern perhaps with north

(Whether is 2) server punished.

(The stability of 3) server, ensure maintain stability

: of the 2nd pace? Li? method, the influence of file name

(1) domain name, should include a keyword (top class domain name has method rank than 2 class.

(2) method, the static state is helpful for a rank than trends, turn into Asp Html

: of the 3rd pace? Does  car seek close of comfort Piao disclose?

The caption of the webpage: A, every webpage caption is different, and accord with B with oneself content photograph. Webpage caption is understood simply, include only arrive 2 keywords C. Caption is designed cannot too long, had better not exceed 25 Chinese characters

(The label of 2) webpage: A, meyname=’keywordscontent= .

: of the 4th pace? Lip of nine of  of  lip Yong Tun chants Mao? to be linked reversely

(1) exceeds a link, a, add on the webpage that exchanges B to be able to increase retrorse link to relevant website with relevant website link, c joins the website website of world-renowned classification catalog ( .

(2) website links A, website map points to each webpage B, website navigation clarity is clear, c link had better replace Flash and picture with text

: of the 5th pace? Does  of collect of warbler of  moxibustion a surname become bail?

(1) website content: AAchieve B content to abound C formerly, structural clarity understands D, webpage page is less than 100k

(2) webpage designs outstanding keyword, a headline is used: [B][/B] B, the frequency of the keyword is 0.03-0.05

: of the 6th pace? Collect of  labial harmony plan  ⑹ ?

(1) annotate content, .

(2) picture annotate, the annotate = character of the picture is less than 100k

(3) website is compressed and reduce weight software