Brave elder brother: The drilling of SEO politic actual combat that English electron book stands

I share a few experience that play me to make a station today, also thank everybody to give my proposal at ordinary times actually. Most when crossing the Spring Festival quickly, beginning want to make a station, await the Adsense that applies for on Blogspot in those days, seem need not examine and verify was passed.

After the Spring Festival passes, prepare to make a station all the time next, bought a, spent 39 ¥ , the result passed a few days with respect to 1 ¥ / . . . Ten are bought later, also did not do now actually, temporarily actuation. See Css in the evening everyday however nevertheless, php, try to do a Myurl to link a station. The thing ~ that still saw some of Seo links a station to change from this namely, it is at first in April 23 good had changed, came home April 25, came back to begin to add content May 7, change a course. I basically am told below become the issue that when writing this program, notices. When writing a program, noted the following problems probably:

1, website caption
2, Keywords
3, De***ion
4, the position that webpage text content appears
5, the size of the webpage
6, the link of the website concerns, make sure every webpage can begin from home page, maximum drop can arrive at final page 3 times
7, the size of the webpage
7, to the attestation in Google Webmaster, refer Sitemap
8, how to increase Pv of average per capita
9, the key word of Url

For the that is aimed at me, caption is: Author of press title By – website name such format

Once had tried among: Author of By of title of Free EBook press – website name such format. Such caption can highlight the key word of electronic book body, I add Download as far as possible in website name, free, the key word of Ebook and so on, combination rises even if now such caption.
Everybody can look.

The key word in caption is not too much, otherwise weight dispersed, cannot highlight the name of the book, of film website and so on similar also, highlight the name of the film in caption as far as possible, caption as far as possible a few shorter, can add the on a few key word that accord with with webpage content appropriately, download for instance, online watch and so on, light had website caption to still be no good, search engine is ranked even according to webpage content, if the key word of webpage content also is caption, so this page is met in searching a result the platoon arrives very in front, even the first, when I just began to do, noticed, with the content with the same webpage of other website, in the search the title is in moment, although other website Pr is very tall, and existed very long, but website of a few days discharged my ability however the first perhaps is discharged before its. Although on Google search Ebook looks for the station that is less than me, but my key word arrives dispersedly in each pages, and almost the key word of every page is endless and same, have many page so, many key word, although every 10 pages prop up an Ip from search index, those 110 thousand webpages also have 10 thousand Ip everyday, so if do not do popular keyword, can use many page, do a large number of not popular keywords

Tell below how to highlight this keyword, if where,the webpage counteracts caption echo.

Url structure:
/ Microsoft-Exchange-Server-2003-Unleashed-2nd-Edition-Unleashed-by-Rand-Morimoto_62056.htmlHttp:// domain name / title _id.html

The structure of the webpage:
<meta Charset. . . . / >
<title> . . . </title>
<meta Keywords= title / >
<meta De***ion= . . . / >
<css Link >
<javascrip Link>
<h4> press, author, wait </h4> a moment
A certain number of <b> title </b>

This is me when writing a program, design how to highlight key word, it is Url above all, I did not use multistage Url, the Url Rewrite of used Apache, next Index.php numerates from the Html file of Cache the webpage sends client end, myself is written, html is generated when be visited for the first time, can install Html cache period of efficacy.

When because of me discovery is searched, the key word inside the Url that searchs a result also is met sign is red (sign is red a term that is search engine, it is mark banner key word actually) so should as far as possible key word also puts Url inside, such Url is close friends than having the Url of an Id.html only, besides mix inside Url outside echo of caption key word, also want inside Keywords Meta key word and caption echo, I added a title only, it is to make sure key word is little so, weight is taller, if key word is added much, weight dispersed, this is the feeling of my individual, actually such everybody can carry out practice more, I also was to change ability a lot of times to change such, de***ion Meta label is below, this is descriptive label, the content inside this can appear on search result directly, should write so that make an user easier click your page in searching a result inside this so, also can add a few key word inside at the same time, the key word inside this also is met in searching a result sign is red.

With a moment ago that page is exemple:

It is quotative content below:
Keywords: Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Unleashed (2nd Edition) (Unleashed) By Rand Morimoto
De***ion: Download Free EBook:MIcrosoft Exchange Server 2003 Unleashed (2nd Edition) (Unleashed) By Rand Morimoto – Free Chm, pdf Ebooks Rapidshare Download, ebook Torrents Bittorrent Download.

De***ion description label is: Download Free Ebook: Caption – the key word related to the website, such description should appear when searching a result, user seeing this result is: Download free electron book: Such-and-such book – from the back it is means of a few download, if the user looks for this book, he comes in with respect to meeting site for certain have a look. It is De***ion next from the back the label of one part, – the key word related to the website