Boston is new slightly: Where is your optimal position

As the development of Internet, online search offerred more and more opportunity. But if traditional company means the competition on follow closely, with respect to need online to its mode uses a kind of completely different method.

Civil / Megan Findley Antonella Mei-Pochtler

Traditional media industry had walked along crossroad. Be in 1999 to between 2004, consumer costs the time on magazine, newspaper, broadcast and TV to had decreased to perhaps increase a few percent only. They spend the time on Internet, rose significantly however 24% . The main source of media — advertiser, also following this tide. In this paragraph of same time, the advertisement expenses on Internet rose 22% , and spend the advertisement cost on traditional media to drop.

Of course, traditional media can not disappear, they will continue the requirement that fill electron space cannot satisfy. But want to obtain development in future, traditional company must seek new strategy to attract those online customers that need them and advertiser. Fortunately — although mass media company just enters Internet very late — they still have an opportunity to become outstanding online player. But successful, no matter be online or from the line, the search strategy with depend on mature, can attract the amount that browse not only, and OK and convenient reader sees content.

Does consumer go website and go does traditional media have an identical purpose: ? Mei of an ancient nationality in China of astounded of award of  of Mao of  of apology of  of  of Liu of have illicit relations with of  of Tao of castrate of spay of K of ⅰ of Pan ⌒ bank calls ~ of?0% of Xiang of bank ⅰ H the consumer of 80% browse a website through searching engine. No matter whether you like, search engine has made the main tool that attracts the amount that browse, can be brought up or destroy the website of a traditional company.

The menace of online search

Online search process has massive force to most traditional company. Besides new competitor was created on the network, search engine also is in erode the bounds between media business. Assume a consumer wants to plan wedding, he can look large quantities of magazine and book will seek information, these also include advertisement and accessary product in media. He also can browse The Knot, this is website of a bridal information, offer a large number of easy searches, the detailed and bridal news that replaces ceaselessly and advertisement of relevant product service. If he uses search engine, he can discover The Knot more easily, is not the website of a bridal magazine. No matter the magazine is in,its website is spent on editor content how old time, if discover or know without the person, so of this website online can manage with business leaving a line not beautiful.

Search engine reduced the barrier that enters new field not only, they are same also loot the part that traditional media company acts to advertiser, gained the advertisement income of large portion. In expenditure of all and online advertisement, 40%(about 5 billion dollar) it is related to the search, 71% it is " content is relevant " advertisement, the news service website that these advertisement appear is the person that browse engine manages a link and come from the search. The income that must come from these ad department is mixed search engine is shared together. Unless traditional media company can discover a change,the mode that income divides perhaps maintains the immediate impact with advertiser, so although they win big battle of this Internet discharge, but gain of the loss in the market that increases in this however.

Discover proper balance

Online search developed far-reaching strategy to offer an opportunity for media company. The distinction with success and the most crucial failure is in what how manage its content at a company to be received. Cannot too open, also cannot too close, that is to say " as it happens " .

If you use firewall to rise your website block, the person that allow to pay cost subscription only is browsed, search engine is not searched, so consumer can find this website very hard — hope of very rare advertiser is such. But too open also put in the risk. If a website is without reservation to open to its content, right information of the person that use is not added collect, can be gone to by the search conveniently or be picked to take (the) on the website that allows a search to engine is extracted or pick the content that takes a website to go up to place themselves, so it can lose brand identifying and product faithfulness to spend.

The destiny of mass newspaper website is such. People goes OK and simply Yahoo perhaps is searched over there Google do not have the 2 news that deliver, is not the newspaper website that goes to the place that browse. Search engine turned news into heavy goods, destroyed the crucial factor in mode of this industry business, namely newspaper " brand " divisional according to the area. Consumer can browse a link, choose a content from which, and do not need to go the website of a newspaper, accordingly such abate the connection of they and some kind of newspaper, the circulation that causes paper drops greatly.

So, the crucial part of strategy of company of a traditional media must prevent to search engine general on one hand its brand and client space, also cannot close completely on one hand website. First-rate method is a mixture mode — also do not pass at opening nevertheless at closing — can let a website be searched, but content cannot be picked to be taken. You want to people can discover your website and browse information, but you hope they maintain faithfulness to spend to your brand likewise.

For example you publish magazine of a cooking, the customer that you want those is in to search red wine to stew gallinaceous cookbook with Google can be conveniently on your website find information, but you also hope he registers subscription your all cookbook database. This can make consumer has what the opportunity understands your magazine to presswork edition, supported the hypostatic professional work below your net thereby. " new York Times " online website used this kind of mixture pattern well. Presswork edition client can obtain special content service, enter special editorial column and electronic game column freely through TimesSelect option for example, and rather than pressworks the user of edition must want to pay fee.

Open and close the first-rate position between, differ according to the property of media and website and differ. The following problem can help you find out optimal position in numerous option.

● our income mode how? Be advertisement, subscription or electronic documentation sale? In how old is those who increase a website rely on to browse a quantity on degree?

● our online strategy how? Online the relevant importance with business leaving a line how? Is our website is independent character strategical the target website of asset?

What is the value of ● our content? The difficulty that competitor provides same content how?

● the use person that who is our website? Is their faithfulness spent how? Whether are they willing to exchange individual information for certain content? Are they willing how to many fee pay for additional content?

Come from the competitive advantage of online search

Once you are a website to be being opened and close between found proper balance, this battle had made an in part. Ultimate goal is the first page that makes the website appears in search engine, and website of a lot of traditional media can appear in home page rarely. Newly established company precedes in this respect one pace, they use different technique and the odds that draw lessons from optimal method to raise them to appear in home page, and use other method will attract the person that visit. Traditional company can pass employ outside firm perhaps combines interior capable the group will compete. Although outside firm can be helped immediately,improve, we are recommended strongly build internal ability to last in order to assure in search strategic tactics is improved. The technology is changing ceaselessly, the company needs somebody to be in charge of follow closely technology. Independent pure website has distinct advantage in this respect.

Forbes is a very good example, this magazine is in its spent many idea on online search strategy. Its website,, used newest search engine optimization (SEO) technology, support all sorts of Web2.0 features. A small group devotes oneself to caller development technically, include to combine combination partnership and safeguard all sorts of SEO activities. The target of is to pass SEO to assure to search engine to be able to search a website, and undertake appropriate index: to all content? Grand ⒂ makes angry smooth with a rake file of Wei Ting Df. This kind of method makes the website obtained website of congener competition finance the discharge of double.

(Megan Findley is the manager that Boston consults office of company new York. The senior vice president that Antonella Mei-Pochtler is company Vienna office holds trustee concurrently, john Rose is the trustee of office of BCG new York, the article is published via Bostonian company authorization)