Belle stationmaster Chen Saiyu: Jump out the odd group of Seo

I enter a time is not very long, at best can be the lover of a SEO and learner only, did so long, I discover the learner of a lot of SEO was immersed in an error, think namely SEO not only can bring large quantities of discharge, and can achieve rich and generous earnings.

But in fact, SEO did not imagine medium good in that way, after we learned all sorts of skill of SEO, we use these skill on the website entirely at a heat, this thinking can have good gains and large quantities of discharge, the result searchs engine to be updated, discover oneself website is dropped by K however, perhaps be fallen to counterpoise.

After passing a lot of failure, I discover, actually the mistake of friend of a lot of stationmaster is not to go out to go up in use SEO itself, be opposite however above the reflection of website discharge origin, think carefully, if we did a website really, and support SEO lets your website the platoon was in the first, but you discover your website after 3 months,the discharge of 90% above still comes from search engine, this is a little unreasonable. If one day, search engine company closes down entirely, the website that perhaps says you is indexed prop up all K light by search, is that be to return as before at 0 o’clock?

So is SEO because such and was taken no account of? Not, not only want a consideration, and even careful consideration. Now,
We do a website is not temporarily interest be caused by already, be opposite in the course however after the analysis of whole and congener website, website that is about to build to oneself made comprehensive and meticulous overall arrangement, ability can begin to make a station, and such website just can be alled alone by search engine likes, be liked by the user at the same time.

Say cross talk have a word, be called an audience is parents of our back and belly. We do a website same also, the user is parents of our back and belly, including search engine also is, did not have a person to search, also arise naturally without benefit, so, we must consider the sense of the person that browse. Take Baidu for, can you say because,he is forget one’s origin and go depilating to your website? I think is not, because he also wants to please his person that use, he hopes to present best thing to the person that use, the person that let use can come again next time, baidu even is such, what is more,the rather that is the website that we offer a foundation to serve possessory?

My individual feels, before doing a website, because of the element of SEO, you must make the following preparation:

1, after you need to consider the line on the website that you do, the person that more or less to browse can you have after all? Not all popular word has profit to you, the directional sex of keyword of some an unexpected winner is very tall, IP quality is very high also, if you can let 100 your IP change,lead achieve 90% above, so your website should be compared everyday the rubbish station of thousands of on 10 thousand Ip is costlier. An unexpected winner is not absolutely, because word of an unexpected winner of quite a few can bring you economic benefits directly, even if you are to do GGAD, the unit price that unit price wants to do rubbish to stand than you wants a lot of taller.

2, how the competitor does, why the family has so much later guest, why is their search engine rank so high? The reason is very simple, because of them not only the fancy that attracted most user and SE in content respect, more moment, they spent a lot of time on user experience. Cite a very simple case, of your website a lot of inside it is to need to be opened in new window, if this is home page merely, or the word of column page, above criticism, but if you open the new window of 3 above to find a content, this is very terrible, encounter the browse person with very slow traversal speed of a machine, he meets what hesitate none put out your website. Although this is a very little detail, but quite big to raising user experience to have effect, occasionally, your competitor was accomplished think user place thinks, his website nature gets a reception, discharge subsequently heighten, of the person that browse lead later also rise subsequently. Then, do you still fear your website does not have discharge? Still have a bit very important, according to my observation, to the website that the user likes, searching engine also like likewise, do not forget, the search cites the fundamental that props up development, let an user obtain more effective content namely, namely please at the person. The user likes, what reason does his Baidu have not to like your website?

3, the trace that although we want to avoid SEO,optimizes, but you still should consider those who search engine to experience, when I am doing a website, I am met whole the structure of a website, in-house even link, include catalog structure to list come, next each analysis, that one structure suits to search engine capture most. Why to search engine to you can not like DIV to exceed the structure of three-layer? Why to search engine not to like dynamic webpage? Why to like to exceed the catalog of three-layer? Stand in the angle of a person that browse, you go considering to search engine spider, the person opens a webpage to want very painstaking await very long, be to there is emotive spider what is more,the rather that? He if because of trends, because the structure cannot open your webpage a long time, he gives his native place with respect to meeting feedback, this webpage not up to much! Is that rank high? So, I most advocated share, the code that eliminates SEO to optimize a trace namely is optimized and rectify station structure to optimize.

4, place state of mind, we do a website, it is to make money not just, the occurrence of World-Wide-Web, very big the meaning of one part is for the advantage that information transmits, although these year a lot of people got the first pail of gold through the network, but you must give a network price, he ability is OK redound gives you more value, the information natural resources that is Internet does a business, do not consider to collect merely, the resource of the network needs our complement, is not mutual between purloin embezzles, of course, we also were not necessary one day to enrich N piece achieve formerly, have the content of extremely high value, what we need is quality, is not an amount. I think, one lets what the user likes truly, exclusive data, the search engine weight that fetchs to you and user credit want far outclass you are collected 100 thousand without value article.

Said so much, when just thinking friends are doing a website, go think and be being arranged, ask oneself, why to want to make this station after all, have how old value, since decide to want to do, so it accomplish what degree to be after all is good to accomplish what degree to be after all, to searching engine how to be treated ability can obtain higher rank.

Do not let oneself be immersed in the trap of SEO, meet in that way very tired, be?