Beijing University green bird searchs case of engine ad strategy to analyse

Beijing University green bird grooms in IT the domain has larger force, the strategy of search engine ad of Beijing University green bird also has typical sense, study in the special subject of new competition ability " strategy of sale of engine of educational industry search considers to report " in, the strategy of search engine ad of green to Beijing University bird undertook an analysis as typical case, the research conclusion that reach is, the its success factor with politic promotion of keyword of Beijing University green bird is OK reduce 3 respects: In many searches engine puts in advertisement; to enclothe at the same time as far as possible dominant position of keyword; group causes tremendous menace to the competitor.

Prop up the discovery when sale strategy considers to choose example to undertake the search is brought educational a trade, branch of Qing Diao of each district Beijing University occupies IT to groom kind of keyword retrieval result is medium very large proportion, the promotion of search engine keyword of Beijing University green bird has certain typical sex in educational industry, because this is in " strategy of sale of engine of educational industry search considers to report " Qing Diao of lieutenant general Beijing University undertakes an analysis as case.

Had analysed in the relevant investigation that retrieves behavior to the user, with groom the keyword scale that orgnaization name retrieves is less than 5 % , groom in computer and software domain, blueness bird has Beijing University to know higher the name is spent, but because each district joins in very much and the company is mutual between competition is intense, accordingly although Beijing University is green bird such well-known trademark, the user is in groom through searching engine to get IT accurate search means still is used rarely when pertinent information.

To analyse Beijing University blueness bird keyword popularizes put in a circumstance, experts of sale of network of search arteries and veins choose a group of computer and software technically to groom relevant keyword (have ad already among them advocate the popular keyword with more amount also has very not popular vocabulary) , the proportion that through collecting the Beijing University in these keyword promotion Qing Diao holds, advertisement shows the pertinent information such as the position, the keyword that analyses Beijing University green bird popularizes politic characteristic and its successful reason.

Via investigating discovery, be in all in 120 keywords promotion, the ad that has 60 % advocate for Beijing University Qing Diao ties a company, and searching result page advertisement the first 9/10 is department of Beijing University green bird.

Website of system of Beijing University green bird (the search engine advertisement has made the case that deserves attention. As we have learned, beijing University green bird is passed in the search engine such as search dog large-scale undertake keyword promotion obtained remarkable result, groom in IT respect establish core position, the network sale strategy that gives priority to through searching engine sale surpassed rival.

Keyword of green bird of integration analysis Beijing University popularizes strategy, its success factor is OK reduce is following a few respects:

(1) puts in advertisement at the same time in many searches engine

Besides engine of search dog search, contrast retrieves the other search engine such as Baidu, the promotion information that can see company of green bird of partial Beijing University likewise (wait for an element as a result of the price, in other search the ad message unlike of engine is in search dog is concentrated in that way) , namely Beijing University green bird regards a key as to popularize platform search dog, in click the search engine with advertisement relatively inferior value to put in advertisement thick and fast every time, at the same time also other search engine popularizes give attention to two or morethings.

(2) enclothe as far as possible keyword

The relevant investigation data of search arteries and veins shows, in result of every keyword promotion, the advertisement of Beijing University green bird held great majority. Enclothe as far as possible much keyword is one of characteristics that Beijing University Qing Diao searchs engine ad strategy, retrieve discovery further, almost every with IT kind groom relevant keyword retrieves the advertisement that Beijing University Qing Diao can discover in the result, groom besides all sorts of major besides general vocabulary, still include area region to search keyword and a few special keywords. In the search engine puts advertisement and other network advertisement on advertisement of traditional perhaps media different is, get the dispersive sex feature of information to satisfy an user, do not need additional raise cost, the keyword with the reasonable design on the base that needs to be being analysed to user behavior only is combined can. Apparent, it is more successful that Beijing University green bird chooses a side in the keyword.

(3) group dominant position causes tremendous menace to the competitor

The unique part that searching dominant position of engine advertising group is business of department of Beijing University green bird. Because Beijing University is green branch of bird system each district is very much, numerous Qing Diao fastens an enterprise to put in advertisement at the same time, and commanded contest price almost highest (advertisement shows a rank the first) all and relevant keyword searchs a result, other the advertisement position before leaning also is held by place of website of green bird department mostly, squeeze the promotion space that occupied a competitor greatly, this kind centers advertisement to put in formed huge group advantage, when user retrieval IT grooms the promotion information that seeing when pertinent information is Beijing University green bird more greatly, the brand promotion that fastens to whole Qing Diao produced tremendous effect, also brought the user with constant in a steady stream for each district branch at the same time.

Although Beijing University is green,bird system is in specially especially, the successful experience that does not pass Beijing University green bird still has to industry of other and dispersive sex draw lessons from a meaning, have national branch especially, or the business with longer product line, can making the reference when searching engine ad strategy.