Begin from the beginning: Website caption optimizes medium value in SEO

The caption label that the website optimizes a the mainest factor is a website (Title Tag) , how to take a good website title? Yuan achieve think, the charming to the user caption that cuts with is again appropriate nevertheless. Telling a search engine the website is main so do this, website content also spreads out around this caption.

Talk below about website caption issue of a few sides:

1, website name avoids keyword of load one’s writing with fancy phrases,

2, website name alters brought harm

3, website name is right the importance of sale- – brand effect

4, company website name is installed

5, with keyword of what symbol space.

1, keyword accumulation caption

Website caption should have enough appeal to the user. When the user is searched through searching engine, which website should be clicked in judgement, depend on greatly of your mark inscribe how?

Whats have even if do not have a key, the title that webpage caption is like a person is same, if you saw imprint on a piece of calling card,ten build are held, you can distain this individual very much, and to such webpage, search engine to also do not like. So, your webpage should use a main keyword to be written into caption only, if a meaning has many expression, can list a few appropriately. It is possible that for instance plan of operation of website of website operation _ downloads such returning. Searching engine also is a basis website caption and website content decide your website basically writes yes what, be about what property, decide you are in the weight of which industry.

Website caption key word is unfavorable and overmuch, it is OK to become 32 key words, through searching the participial technology of engine, can have the effect of many key word again. Be like little game of transhipment of through cargo | Free little game downloads, pass a participle, in search transhipment of through cargo little game little game downloads transhipment of through cargo to download little game to download a few keywords such as download of free little game. Do good keyword to optimize, can have good rank.

2, website name alters brought harm

Mix in Internet long, often hear newspaper of a few stationmaster to complain, because changed title (key word) , bring about website rank to drop.

The station that Baidu alters to caption is very sensitive, light person fall authority, k of the person that weigh stands. Analytic reason, when Baidu is collecting a station, affirmative meeting undertakes to this station one is evaluated, if this station is of dry what, what is its main keyword, what is his domain name, his link category what, what is his server IP, what is his service content, updating frequency is how long, weight is much more advanced wait. Baidu can be in these information records advocate in the watch, the content in this watch is having crucial effect to whole website. Also be Baidu assess the main basis of a certain station. General this advocate the content in the watch won’t change. Although change, also should wait very long very long, when be being updated greatly for instance, the assessment that it can stand this to you, authority re-act is updated, or rise or fall.

Once alter artificially,become us caption (home page caption, baidu vigilance is highest) when, baidu can allow to was the content that you stand this to produce major change. The rank reinstate that can stand to yours temporarily rank, the rank drops unavoidable, but also won’t drop too far. This are very good understanding, e.g. you it is the station that makes a novel, you change your title suddenly into SEO site, the family is searched, the user experiences good difference. So, this kind of course of action of Baidu also can understand. Analyse accordingly, such circumstance, wait for Baidu to be updated afresh, maintain you afresh after this station, the rank can restore, but because Baidu thinks you often alter, whole station is in not steady state, can drop station K, so Baidu K station also is to have stated reason, have a principle, not be for no reason at all.

Still having a kind of case is stationmaster when making a station, if duplicate,imitate well-known trademark, or imitate the website name that has filed brand, that can want caution, one day perhaps your station is done big, because copyright issue searchs,can come to come, offer a piece of advice here so broad stationmaster, the sort of having is not done to contend for the station name of different when making station name later. After waiting for oneself to became famous, alter very troublesome, rare alter collect or the rank can disappear.

3, website name is right the importance of sale- – brand effect

Stationmaster people the word that when giving a name to the website, likes to use industry sex, regional comes the name as the website, and did not join oneself peculiar word to come as the name, this can bring about a large number of homonymic website generation. We with Xiamen secondhand the net is in light of the exemple, xiamen is searched in Baidu secondhand net, before the rank ten call Xiamen secondhand net! ! If you are among them the stationmaster of a website, the website that tells a client you is Xiamen secondhand net, when the client is searching the search on engine, face so many Xiamen secondhand how should net client choose? Can be the client done again why impressions? Twin admits quite hard, more never mention it one page has 8 homonymic websites. If be sunshine secondhand net or carp are secondhand the net won’t be put in such problem, because they have their brand!

We manage the brand that the website is managing us actually namely, do not let the brand that our work laboriously manages and someone else share, because,also do not want of website name duplicate should let a client remember that grows long domain name.

4, setting of company website name

When browsing a webpage, passing the blue of browser top to show an occurrence information is webpage caption. In webpage HTML code, webpage caption is located in between label.

Webpage caption is wraparound to the height of a webpage, generally speaking, the caption of website home page is the official name of the website, and the title that the caption of page of content of website Chinese chapter is an article, the caption of column home page is column name normally. Of course this kind of general principle is not changeless, there may be constant change in real work, but change anyhow, still meet on the whole comply with this kind of rule.

For example, the home page headline that can see a lot of websites now is longer, besides website name (company name) besides, still have a website the keyword of relevant business and so on, rank advantage is gained in the result and this basically considers, also belong to normal search engine to optimize a method. Because of common company name (or brand name) in the keyword that does not include core business possibly, when retrieve so when the user through core business, if there is such keyword in website caption, as a result in the search rank lieutenant general is in adverse position.

Such general website caption is OK writing

1, name of website of _ of core product name.

2, produce the name of an article to call name of _ product channel _ website name.

Still have website of a few enterprises, government kind there is a caption not to discuss only in website caption.

5, with keyword of what symbol space

In above give typical examples, you should be OK see I chose to come with _ disjunctive keyword, actually this is not exclusive use, for instance – and | Wait to be able to make separator bugle call. The standard that did not come from search engine government says that sign is better, I just index according to search the usage that props up my and the usage of a few big websites will learn. I can use Chinese website _ , because you see him Baidu, watch sina network, it is so use. And English station is used – , because him Google is mixed,Yahoo is so with.

Caption has installed the premise that does Seo, home page is to single out yourself to think the keyword related to your website, ability continues you next the job.

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