Be returned some saving by the domain name of K before New Year?

Oneself registered a domain name October 5, 2008 ( give a name the article that many 50 published on wheeler of the line on website of net of guest of new sense rich, begin about a hundred degrees of join outside searching BBS to publish next, I sent the 30 exterior join of many at a draught (new domain name has not collected the much join that send a drop to did not concern, after was being collected cannot group hair, should by K know? )

The join that sent so much I think Google at latest will be collected for certain tomorrow (the join Google that sends so much before can collect that day) Baidu is a bit slower, basically should be in 15 days of above, rest first today, etc Google will collect tomorrow resumptive seek friendship link!

Got up at 8 o’clock in the morning October 6, 2008, had not washed a face first of too impatient to wait open the Googlesite: on computer? With hurry of Fu of Wen Ding  chaos of yellow  angry cuts brandish Xing Zhang Jihuang into parts to carry   Tao to gallop E of  of  of Zhang Ji of the Xing that cut brandish into parts comes Oogle of Zuo of A of cook a meal of pay of common revive chrysanthemum the method according to me (a day of hair join a few times) commonly, it is this how to return a responsibility, does firewall hold off the crawl of the spider? ? Think of this problem I enter a server immediately firewall discharge, sent a few article again today, resemble sent a lot of join to waiting to collect yesterday in that way again again next! But rise to look to still was not collected again 7 in the morning, I thought of the domain name has a problem suddenly problem and it is to hurry ransack looks about what have to discover, searching as expected () on July 4, 2007 actually the family has been registered, it is a download of bell of mobile phone graph

I understood at long last now, this domain name had been alled alone by all search last year engine is connected killed, how do I search no wonder hard engine is not collected namely, dizzy, I broke down quickly, the website that work laboriously does is a domain name that is passed by K actually, how to do? Without giving thought to it! I planned to abandon! Do in vain do in vain who calls us to have bad luck!

Who knows I go up again innocently 8 in the morning Google was searched, ah ah have new discovery also, had collected 4 pages actually, yahoo collects more 70 much pages, although not be very ideal, but psychology is very glad still, because my domain name still calculates some saving!

The is crossed one year by K namely domain name Google that still a bit can affirm follows Yahoo to still can be collected again all the same, , do not know Baidu also can give me a surprise likewise namely! In expecting. . . . . When having good news, I tell you again!