Be far from the painful choice of black hat

Before two days see disillusion reports, the newest function of Google Reader, show popular recommend, looked in the Google Reader that logs onto me immediately. I read rich guest not to use Google Reader usually, use Bboglines however, google Reader just regards as a backup, so already a few months had not loginned.

Login go in saw this popular recommend a function, tell the truth recommends rich guest has comparatived accurate. Have many be I had subscribed to actually in Bloglines, there perhaps is subscription before, but subscribed to no longer as a result of a variety of reasons, have a plenty of can look now and then. The majority in recommending list is very relevant, and the rich settle or live in a strange place that I also know.

Introduce according to guest of gain of Google Reader government, this function is become by two trainees. This makes I think of, google has comparatived now terrible, because it is mastering a large number of information of a lot of people. I had kept the post of a few this respects before: Google knows who you are, mode of more user behavior is blended in in Google rank algorithm, influence of user behavior mode ranks guess, personalized search, without place escape form.

Form of the escape that do not have place this, look at present be in the majority with science fiction composition, but how be after who knows, met? We are using the science and technology of the move now, put before 100 years, all is science fiction. I believe, a large number of information of Google control, often can arrive accurately to still understand yourself than yourself.

This and what be far from black hat SEO to have to concern? Relation but can small, be count for much to me the sort of.

The website that often sees in the forum that choose stone other member speaks of him collects ten pages at every turn, still disrelish little, because still have hundred thousands of page,did not collect. Such card lets my heart be envied again envious.

Can be you envied? The website of my individual is the biggest also with respect to thousands of page. Resemble me this therein website of new network science and technology, rich guest left more than one year, expended a tremedous effort, how many implied meaning is there now? Just 300 odd. And have in me unripe year, reckon how I also am done piece can go up the website of 10 thousand pages.

To me, collecting is how great temptation! Loco, tens of thousands of, hundred thousands of, even millions of pages, easy to do. Don’t I want to taste the taste that has website of this kind of dimensions? Think of course. But the consideration will consider to go, I still must decide bitterly, should be far from collect wait for gray and black SEO. Should be far from still include a lot of other black hat or SEO are cogged gimmick.

Undeniable, a lot of cogged black hat website is ranked once very pretty good, some is very good still now, still perhaps can have continued. But you are unwarrantable search engine does not discover forever.

To me, I all income, the life, the job, support is Internet. If I go doing the thing of black hat, know in view of Google I am all probably website, a website is cogged, possible also embroil is other website, catch the whole lot in an action. Err, likelihood cannot recover after a setback. Such cost is too big really.

If you read Google carefully to know who you are this card, you can know to want to be concealed make black cap, pretend to have nothing to do with with that website, difficulty is too great really, it is impossible approximately. Be opposite so I such person, although temptation is tremendous, but the risk is bigger, can be far from black hat SEO forever so.