Be far from the link of automatic generation please

The character of good website

Good website content is rich, normally newer seasonable. Good website often links other good website, also attract more to click at the same time. Natural link is one of elements that algorithm of rank of cereal song page decides to rank, but, administrator of a lot of websites thinks retrorse link is more, the rank of the website is higher. This one theory is wrong.

The rank algorithm of Google is the system of a diversity to the evaluation of the website. Significant link and the link that arise automatically can be discriminated while the consideration is linked reversely. A clear case was May 2007 the contest of the cereal that cross a tiger that the share ends, the retrorse link gross of website of first of cereal song rank is 3, 600 or so, other the retrorse link of a lot of low rank websites exceeded 10, 000, most link is the link that the program produces.

What is the link of automatic generation?

The program that we often see has two kinds from the link that moves generation:

Use group of links that deliver software place generation

Use process is gone to automatically the link is added in the webpage of oneself or partner.

This is by group the example that hair software produces automatic link and publishs on visitors’ book:

This is one is by the program on the webpage of oneself or partner the case that adds automatic link:

The watch in noting a plan please and go up the clumsy link of steam.

We are handled to what link automatically

The website passes link of buying and selling, self-help link, the link that arises automatically with the program and photograph of guideline of administrator of cereal song website are inimical. Ask an attention, if your website has the link of automatic generation, we can be like next processing:

Gu Ge won’t give the link of automatic generation any weight

If a website is him to produce factitious link, this website rank in Gu Ge can be affected and likelihood by move from inside our index.
Finally, I think those who emphasize is, website administrator should put the emphasis in the content with be built better and discovery to be linked naturally. Want to understand more about establishing the information of high quality website, ask a visit how to build a friendly to Gu Ge website