Be alled alone by search engine favour is the content that has provided not only quickly

The platoon is in Gu Ge or other any search engine, your website must be useful and relevant. The person that visit for the webpage provides valuable content, use appropriate number please, make your webpage content is favorred by search engine place. Undertake in the light of search engine excessive optimize, may bring about a rank reduce.


The caption that webpage caption shows searchs engine list, it is the factor with the mainest page. Song of cereal of before 10 list has the title that searchs a keyword nearly always, include your main keyword without fail please.

Caption should reflect the content of the webpage well and truly. The caption on the foundation of the webpage that your caller will decide to whether visit you can appear in search engine list, the time of such expenditure will obtain the wording of the right.

Page label

This " H1 " label, connect regular meeting to appear in the big bold-face caption of your webpage upper part. You use this label to tell a netizen what is your webpage. Search engine can use this information title, will decide word of word of what relevant search and your webpage content to answer relatively.

This " H1 " label should be used only in page code, cent caption can be used " H2 " or " H3 " .

Other content

The character on the webpage to the visit person have fair land readability, practical. The key word that you should mention, is not simple ground repeats these key word. The page visits the person that close to be able to understand the most important repetition naturally crucial phrase, control good keyword density.

Extroversion link

The help searchs engine to decide the theme of your website and dependency. The website links a website more likely beyond, network sale engineers relevant thematic station, do not link a few irrelevant websites as far as possible, look for a few economic chain to receive relevant website.

Network address

Webpage name mirrorred a webpage probably, search the network address that engine uses so, in order to help the webpage content that they build. Exemple: / Marketing/SEM/ , a lot of useful keywords are in over there, the help searchs the theme with affirmatory engine.

Thick substance and inclined body

Use thick substance and italics, go up in order to emphasize your webpage. We had emphasized be being mixed benignantly relevant, in this page these are main topics.


Inchoate Internet searchs engine robot to analyse webpage content basically, use yuan of mark to tell search engine what webpage content.

Now Gu Ge basically oversight yuan of mark. It remains desirable to add key word and description yuan mark, in order to help other search engine, but resemble other and aeriform element, it is likewise important that these will become stability.

Image ALT attribute

When picture content cannot show normally, image is used to by ALT attribute provide the content that replace, perhaps did not have Java. These, resemble yuan of mark, basically be oversight search engine, but they still should be used at its original intent.