Baidu segments the research that cut a term – how to get high grade flow length end

To considering to also was not cared about so with the participle of Baidu, but once I am being made when optimizing, discover a word needed a word namely inadvertently, the rank is very different as a result. What I make is secondhand the keyword of the room, but the keyword setting on my page is secondhand however room source, presumable friend can say, problem of this it doesn’t matter, secondhand is room source to include secondhand room this keyword? If did not undertake carefully study to the participle of Baidu, everybody may not look to give these two words to be able to have what distinction, nevertheless everybody should take care the result that the search comes out a little only, can see clue, baidu is opposite secondhand room and secondhand these two words segment room source coming out is different, him Baidu builds the lexicon that has his, so he is met secondhand room this word regards as a whole, but to secondhand room source this word, baidu criterion fractionation was become secondhand with room source two words, natural others is being searched secondhand room this keyword when look for the page that is less than me. Carry this little detail, I feel to be necessary to have thorough research to the participle of Baidu, my probably summary went out the following so when:

1, Baidu participle is a basis in content, the word comes cent for the standard related first time occurrence keyword. Open Sf of hot-blooded all corners of the country newly now for example this word
If your text is medium,the first appears is now this word, so the keyword on your page can be become by fractionation mix now open Sf of hot-blooded all corners of the country newly two words, the keyword must be included in caption, but must not match completely, but the keyword that appears in content is to want to match completely with Baidu participle, meet again in matching completely will have sort according to the deepness of file URL method, below the circumstance that matchs completely in the keyword, have priority than the file e.g. catalog, the document that the file below root catalog should issue than secondary level directory has priority, the meeting that matchs completely discharges advanced face, match partly next again.

2, below the circumstance that did not match completely in the keyword, if have a participle, e.g. : Visit implement download
This keyword, having the keyword that appears for the first time in a webpage is to visit implement, and have higher keyword density, but this keyword did not download however in this webpage
And the keyword that appears for the first time in another webpage is download, so the keyword of this webpage can be become to visit by fractionation implement download two words, although the bag in the 2nd webpage is contained,visit implement download but the first webpage or meeting platoon are before the 2nd webpage, this explains the part is the most important before the keyword.

3, keyword the key that the frequency that the first part appears is a rank, visit for example implement download, if two webpages did not match completely, it is to contain two participles, so visit implement the webpage with this participle high density will discharge advanced face.

4, if match completely, but keyword the first appearing is the facial finally cent in page content, so the platoon of this webpage these pages are even low before famous general comparing. It is very important that so the keyword appears in content as early as possible.

5, Baidu cuts a term according to the relevant keyword that appears for the first time, if appear for the first time the rear that relevant keyword is a keyword, so begin to cut from the back, if be in front part the face began to cut once upon a time, mix according to the order of webpage content namely turn over foreword to undertake participial, sequential moment is start with before the keyword half part namely, when opposing order, be the second half part with the keyword is start. For example: Open Sf of hot-blooded all corners of the country newly now this keyword, if your webpage is medium,the keyword that appears for the first time is Sf of hot-blooded all corners of the country, so you the keyword of this page can be become by fractionation Sf of all corners of the country mixes warm blood to open two terms newly now.

6, can the principle cutting a term according to Baidu, oneself will choose to had compared made keyword head (the keyword that in adjusting your webpage content namely, appears for the first time) . Undertake cutting a term artificially namely, baidu can undertake in the future was judged once upon a time, also meet from hind forth the face is cut.

7, if cut before the word appears half part and second half share,have reduplicative word, so reduplicative can be ranked than doing not have reduplicative low, but the density that if have,repeating is before the basis half part so will judge.
For example: If be cut,open Sf of hot-blooded all corners of the country newly now open hot-blooded all corners of the country newly now | Open Sf of hot-blooded all corners of the country newly (before the term that such cutting come out half share is too chief, the rank is so adverse) so the rank wants to leave newlier now than be being cut for certain | Hot-blooded all corners of the country | The rank of Sf is poor

8, if be in,the keyword falls without the circumstance that matchs completely, and the keyword appears not thoroughly, e.g. : Open Sf of hot-blooded all corners of the country newly now, in the keyword that the content of the webpage includes if do not have now this word, so cut a word to be able to leave anew begin, but metropolis platoon is comparing such webpage after leaning, because of you the forehead cent of the keyword was not included

9, below the circumstance that lacks a term, if undertake comparative with the webpage that does not lack a term, that or the density that divide according to cutting word forehead have sort, that is to say according to the order that cuts a term, the word that if cut,comes out, the density scale of the part after partial density is compared before is crucial, for example in a webpage, the scale of keyword of the part after forehead dispenses is 1: 2, the scale of another webpage is 1: 4, so of course before that webpage rank in front should lean. Below the circumstance that lacking a term likewise, the rank with the brief statement before be being cut has an advantage

10, if do not lack a term, but before the part is compared at the back of the keyword, facial cent appears first, open Sf Sf of hot-blooded all corners of the country newly now for example this word appears first, but open hot-blooded all corners of the country newly now the density of this word not tall word, so after the rank meets what lack a term than those lean even

11, it is likewise hind the word appears in front, but before word and hind the scale of the word is crucial, include in a webpage for example Sf opens hot-blooded all corners of the country newly now two such words, scale is 1: What 1 another webpage includes is new opening Sf of hot-blooded all corners of the country to drive proportion newly now is 2: 1: 1, so that webpage rank in front has an advantage, the amount of the keyword is not crucial, occurrence position, and participial scale is special key. The proportion that the participle after leaning more holds is more, the rank is more adverse

12, after leaning, the position that the keyword appears in text also is adverse too, the density of subject is too low adverse also, the webpage circumstance in front is undertake below the case with subject similar density relative.

I excogitate the about the same also so much that come, do not know everybody can be understood, if can be understood meeting, you can adjust the keyword weight design of own webpage according to the participle of Baidu, compete with respect to what can avoid to heat up a word so, but can make hot statement again.