Baidu searchs the benefit after district sex is strengthened and fraud

December, baidu algorithm is adjusted, combinative district inquires a function, filter automatically information, clew user place visits town, will be the same as a city (save together) commodity search is put in foremost end as a result. Search Changsha teaching in home for instance, the family education network of Changsha is first appear in front. Baidu is adjusted this, pay attention to the life to serve the search result of the respect especially, this is a kind of wisdom, right after all the netizen of life information requirement, hope to see valuable information just about, for the parent that wants to seek family education to, the family education net of Beijing can be expected to cannot be reached only.

Reform this, baidu is not to go in front, it is early 4 years ago, search dog appeared to shop as shirt-sleeve as district function, fail to conquer in those days later nevertheless the market. Different now, reach the state of a kind of acme as the fractionize of the market, consumer the most useful information, put in the netizen at the moment, this is the problem that search engine must solve. For instance, previously Changsha parent, if want to seek family education, input family education such word, 3 pages did not find the undergraduate that to him the home attends class in the evening in front, key word should add Changsha word, such ability finds the student with old division of this locality Hunan.

As net of tablet of elegant now tiger’s mouth-jaws of death, the masses comments on a net, the 58 occurrence that are the same as a city, one major netizen abandoned the inflexible search of Baidu, and choice more the life service dragnet of wisdom stands. Baidu can not be abstain from eating meal, although it also has the life to serve channel (test version) , but promotion and bad, the whole world does not have a few people to use, it is flat and then direct modification algorithm, strive pulls a life service to search this one. Gu Ge’s life serves board piece be rolled out for ages, still hanging the model of written characters of test version now, look the time also is not very good over- , the likelihood also can resemble Baidu undertaking reform euqally.

Baidu is adjusted this, district sex also appeared a lot of defect.

1. is inevitable is, this algorithm changes Baidu fail essence of life is accurate, a few keywords that ask without district, also be changed this by district, such very go against a businessman to do countrywide business.

2. inequity. Baidu compares deflection at Beijing, the website of Beijing setting, did not filter when the place is searched, I suggest to become the businessman of countrywide business, go to Beijing doing a website completely.

3. place protection is serious, go against commerce. Resemble the furniture of Fosan, it is the whole nation’s accepted cheap and fine ground that offer money, but algorithm is reformed hind, fosan furniture disappeared. The boss of a of Jiangsu pig selling a young plant says with me, these days business chilly, what do because of him is countrywide business, other now place did not have his information, hard to avoid does not have new client.

Such algorithm reforms 4. Baidu, it is the boss that forces consider does countrywide business apparently, get contest price rank.

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