Baidu searchs algorithm of engine near future to adjust change to replace an analysis

The Baidu that talks today searchs engine to optimize, the Baidu that is not a tradition searchs engine to optimize, all alone in the light of Baidu search engine algorithm is adjusted recently however, hou Qinglong analyses Baidu to search engine to optimize overall analysis.

Baidu search indexes advertisement of the price that prop up contest is optimized

Deceit of advertisement of price of contest of Baidu search engine arrives from the network scandal of incident of advertisement of price of traditional media contest, be troubled by topic of the town, bubbling with noise. Affected the brand image of the website directly, bring about website discharge to be affected somewhat, worsen to reduce brand image and increase flow, baidu has been been opposite at present malign click more serious industry, adopted Baidu to search engine phoenix mew to act, direct 10 former positions in advertisement of left contest price, adjust to 4 present positions, and the network address of before natural rank was being called again in the first page 10, cause search part keyword, the first page can discover is link of 14 network address, 10 network address before and rather than are linked, come up again see what Baidu contest price ranks adjust not only raise an user to experience, and be helpful for putting contest price advertisement on changeover rate, increased website degree of belief, more be helpful for Baidu searching engine future to develop.

Baidu searchs search of engine district sex to optimize

The district sex website that Baidu search engine begins recently is searched, why be searched for district sex website? It is Baidu according to user IP address online area differentiates search, when searching a keyword, preferential the website news that calls our region. If you are Shanghai area online user, when keyword of information of house property talent is being searched in becoming you to search engine in Baidu, the meeting is first the website content that arranging is Shanghai region industry, local information is when local user search, website rank can gain priority, this means is helpful for local user searching local information, but very great one party is popularized to the throughout the country that stopped trade news, be like industry of pillar of a few places, became famous quite in itself whole nation, the search engine rank previously is very good, but when Baidu searchs engine to inquire now, was less than with respect to the search, affected the promotion of industry brand, this kind means coerces the user makes contest price ad only, ability obtains good search to rank.

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