Baidu searchs a technology to improve Baidu to the search follows the change of district as a result and change

Discover Baidu searchs result and district to matter recently, different district appears different outcome, we see two cut picture first.

1, in map of Shenzhen search Shenzhen: Notice the 5th Shenzhen map that is Edushi stands, the 6th is station of map of Shenzhen of this locality treasure

2, I see the result in Shanghai search map again, the attention sees the 5th the following result, completely as different as the result in Shenzhen search.

The result that through contrast we can see Baidu is searched follows district really relevant, believing this is Baidu is is the search result this locality that raise an user to experience and adopts turns measure, improve this is Baidu greatly, such making the result of the search more place of user of press close to thinks.

When doing website website to popularize we have to make full use of be in degree of this one characteristic. for instance: Make map station, if you want to make countrywide map, you think two words platoon is in search map the first page is difficult, because before 4 estimation are Baidu,secured, you are to did not have a law to contend for, have 510 only between you are possible, and 5-10 concern with district again, baidu is this locality preferential, look you are hopeless also. We should consider district to go in, every area gets a map child station / child page, such ability are shown in 5-10 likely come. Treasure of this respect this locality is done well, he every city has a map station, in Shenzhen search he is discharged the 6th, because check the result that is less than other area, believe rank of city of other of map of this locality treasure is pretty good also.

Push and wide, we also should use this one characteristic of Baidu when the promotion that does other, not was sure to be squeezed into in you before 4 strong when, you can consider to become regional keyword or site.

This is this a bit my opinion, still forget ace shows everybody.