Baidu reduces me what the website collects to see

Engine is right of the page of the website collect decrease, still basically exist the following 6 reasons:

1, the website is cogged

Pile up for example in same page many key word, recessive character, such method is sequential, possible meeting is indexed prop up penalty by search, do not grant to collect so so the density of the keyword installs; to be controlled in 2%-8% commonly, inspect page content more or less will decide;

2, website quality

The caption of the website and the keyword that page place installs are overmuch, the description that still having is a website is unreasonable, if be to go up newly the station of the line, want to had been installed. Increase about what website photograph inside Shanghaiguan allows, not too lazy, or is perhaps collect what reprint, had better be the content that achieves formerly.

3, website link

Above all, want clarity about the content structure of the website, the link inside the station wants to be clear about, want to suit the to the page capture of engine, the quality that links additionally is very important also, the link of rubbish, would rather not want, also do not add. Once mix,have be decided to be the word that violates the website of compasses to have a link by engine, oneself station also can get embroil.

4, website correcting

Want to do above all, had located theme and content namely, change what thing, to been collect and the page with tall weight, the link does not change it. If change space, had better be to be changed ahead of schedule, assure to be inside period of time the dimensional content surrive previously, be ready for any eventuality;

5, website space

Choose a good IDC, why, you should know than me! Want to run on high speed road oxcart, what feeling, changing you is an user, you can be canned bear.

6, the website is optimized

The essence of SEO is service of engine of all alone that it is search, everything should have degree, not too much, optimized highest state: Do not optimize namely. (origin: