Baidu picture search optimizes skill to let website discharge break up again time

SEO ABC stationmaster had mastered, the competition of the keyword is more and more intense also, keyword rank and website carry discharge to let every center very headache. Recently these days, my beautiful song cabinet () Baidu picture gave many flow, I saw again raise the target with new flow! I let shallow talk about Baidu picture SEO below.

1, the picture joins a keyword, it is euqally important to follow website Title label.

Common programmer, do not pay attention to the word that picture SEO optimizes, writing a law commonly is:

Keyword of picture of <a Href=# Title= > Border=0 /></a> of method of <img Src= picture

Asked the mouse moves to hint to the picture only picture keyword, if such writing, capture is less than Baidu picture, although capture arrived picture, the rank also is not very ideal;

Return some programmer to be optimized for picture SEO, write code into:

Keyword of picture of Alt= of keyword of picture of Border=0 Title= of method of picture of <a Href=#><img Src= / > </a>

Individual feeling does not have necessary reduplicative to write, because the webpage browses those who come out to hint,be ALT label content, baidu capture nature also is ALT label content, everybody can check a test.

Normative picture SEO optimizes should write into:

Keyword of picture of Border=0 Alt= of method of picture of <a Href=#><img Src= / > </a>

Note: Normative HTML code Width and Height label also are need, caption label just introduces here, did not add so.

2, picture name and picture keyword are best and relevant

Basically be for the keyword the rank is used this bit, everybody can consider, name of a picture (for example: 20081115.jpg) and picture keyword extremely why relevant, with graph title says (for example: Tupianguanjianci.jpg) and picture keyword are relevant and comparative, who can Baidu put in front? If weight is same, platoon of natural and latter meeting arrives in front

3, the picture becomes a link

Add a link to the picture, raise oneself oneself give while the picture is ranked inside couplet, he Le is?

4, certain this locality changes the picture

If you link the picture of others website, you want to make a rank in Baidu picture, that is impossible, family Baidu spider is catch others website down the picture, put yours how possibly, baidu likes original, do not lose discharge to save a space.

Friendship clew: Achieve an article formerly while do not forget to add a picture in the article (although be not,achieve an article formerly, we add a picture in the article, webpage likeness is spent also can decrease, baidu thinks to be achieved formerly by accident likely, with a ha breath out) , such articles also have a rank, have a rank naturally also in Baidu picture, let Baidu be collected at the same time, can discharge break up time? Do not look down upon Baidu picture, competition is less than the webpage, and discharge can be very giant!

This is a bit opinion of SEO birdie only, old bird does not want laugh at. Appreciate the guidance of ZHN and support, because have you, my network is more wonderful.