Baidu " phoenix mew " will raid, near future algorithm is large-scale adjust

Notice a phenomenon in SEOwhy and dot stone forum recently, the Baidu snapshot of a lot of website appeared to change strangely, a few oneself sites also appeared a few strange change, the rank that searchs buy of keyword place v/arc be on the throne was March 19! And the domain name snapshot that hits oneself is 30 however, partial keyword rank drops, but major keyword still keeps a rank!

For example the site of myself Adidasi 186, had done optimize about two months, search board shoe is in the 5th 30 numbers, name of 1925 back row is dropped suddenly in the 6th page!

Search board shoe, the snapshot time of the 6th page was March 19, and input whole domain name Adidasi the snapshot time of 186 already was March 30.

In the dot this stone is mixed these phenomena also detect above SEOwhy, is not my one the individual’s site, a lot of sites also appeared this kind of circumstance! The site that optimizes through SEO especially is especially apparent!

Additionally Wuhan pledges grand Electromechanical program had changed a month, snapshot often also is updated, strange is the caption that webpage snapshot shows was not updated all the time, opening Baidu snapshot is a blank!

Wait for the research of a large number of sites through selecting stone and his site, disclosure Baidu algorithm is undertaking be adjustmented large-scaly, this may be concerned with the phoenix mew system of the line on the near future, adjust main summary through fumbling the following respects

One, collect be in on cycle shorten, before collecting, need to develop a lot of exterior links scarcely, performance of condition of the rank after collecting is not good.

2, cycle of rank wave motion is accelerated and bigger, certain keyword ranks similar inside a day meeting 3 times to rank change, the first rank is stabler, 2-9 change in float.

3, does cent area show OR divides a network to show? Same area is same keyword, telecommunication and net connect a search position of this word rank is different, different area is same keyword, the keyword ranks the position to differ.

4, changing on expression of 4 newer ranks every week is not very big, collect the meeting on the quantity to promote considerably, update when lunar base, it is to collect new station, rank to change considerably so, collect go up to have etc have older show.

But, why some websites did not encounter afore-mentioned problem. These problems of above just are in a few in small and slant of the decrescent on the website of little weight a few more apparent, compare tall website to weight or have a lot of advantages, no matter core keyword or special subject page compare stability. Accordingly, we use the premise that the gender builds easily in consideration website, should strengthen the education of website weight respect ceaselessly, about how strengthening website weight will explain gradually in retrospective article.

Wait for the research of a large number of sites through selecting stone and his site, disclosure Baidu algorithm is undertaking be adjustmented large-scaly, discretion of Seoer near future adjusts his site, lest by will counterpoise, afterthought not is reached!