Baidu optimizes whole to generalize

1. caption is included contain key word

2. picture contains key word

3. whole site around key word

4. domain name contains key word

5. classification adds key word

6. publishs the link that the article had better be the station that can add his in authoritative site

7. was not being added by the site of Baidu screen oneself link (gunman stands) link key word uses website key word

The content of 8. expansion site, dependency needs to notice

The measure that early days of 9. new domain name imposes a link should be controlled basic a day of 3-5

10 in possible the exterior link that oneself control below the circumstance is 0

Control of 11. classification page is classified 2 times basically in 5 or so around key word

12. notices to become the link of relevant site more as far as possible

13. carries occur simultaneously to use key word into name of website of each big navigation station

Key word of 14 exterior connective chooses you the key word that this station needs does not exceed 3 main key word

Content of 15 rich websites and website are welcome degree

16 specially good effect are linked (key word is added thick add color)

What the link of 17. site notices is the link of the station that does not exchange the search screen that is wanted to do by you to drop

18. classification can use Chinese (in the experiment)

It is more effective at present, true. Might as well try.