Baidu optimizes VS Gu Ge shallow talk in the light of optimize otherness

Baidu is the old of Chinese search engine, google is the bibcock of world search engine.

Go up newlier in the page, google should compare Baidu a lot of faster. Make page of a keyword commonly, the following day faster even, google can be collected, and can have a very good rank, but you want to maintain also is not to see easy thing, be in next in a few days, if your content readability is not very tall, the rank of Google can drop slowly, cannot find till you. And Baidu collects keyword page to be met a lot of slower, examine more strict also, but once your keyword page is collected, and obtained a good rank, very long period of time meets this place is you, unless your website is fallen,counterpoise or cogged.

Baidu forestall is worn the absolutely large portion of Chinese search market, as elder brother, although Google starts a bit late, but unwillinged to lag behind of course. Squeeze in the market that Google is searching in active past Chinese now.

Baidu forestall is worn the absolutely large portion of Chinese search market, as elder brother, although Google starts a bit late, but unwillinged to lag behind of course. Squeeze in the market that Google is searching in active past Chinese now. Depending on its powerful technology backup force and outstanding performance, share in the market that Google is determined to want to be searched in Chinese a cup of a thick soup. Official statement is Google occupies Chinese to search the portion of 20% at present, the observation according to me actually and short of this number, have hundred only about. Google still has very long way to want.

On technical level, baidu and Google have distinguishing feature each, search effect also differs somewhat. What Google shows on search result is more objective, searching especially technical article when, result more essence of life is accurate. And Baidu criterion more the search habit of netizen of side overweight China, search a result more in a popular style. This is why technical personnel prefers to use Google, and Baidu more the reason that accords with masses taste.

When collecting a website, baidu and Google also differ somewhat.

The rate that Baidu collects new station is rapidder, general new station, if be collected home page, be in next in very short period of time, major webpage meets whole website to be collected, a few stationmaster are mad with joy because of this. But not glad too early, baidu is in next in period of time, will strict examine and verify your website, can undertake an analysis to the content of the website and readability. If much belongs to your website content to reprint or be collected, so very fast, your collect a quantity to be able to drop point-blank.

The process that Google collects a website is a gentlier process, it is in meet at the beginning examine and verify all articles of your website, analyse the value of the article, have a choice undertake collecting, this process is continual, collect a quantity to also won’t have too big wave motion, show ascendant trend all the time, unless your website is cogged,perhaps be fallen to counterpoise. Usually, of Google collect a quantity to want to compare Baidu big.

How to undertake SEO I did not say more in this, there are such a lot of implied meanings on the net. Here, I say next Baidu and Google only their a few differences on SEO technology.

On TITLE caption, baidu is some more friendly than Google to containing the headline of many keywords, in doing the process that this website optimizes, I ever had done a test, inchoate moment, do a keyword only on TITLE caption, pass period of time optimize, this word arrived in the platoon on Baidu the 3rd, google is discharged the 2nd. Next I increased 4 relevant keywords again on TITLE. The result passed a few days, these 5 keywords have 3 to be discharged was in the first page of Baidu, and Google is discharged originally fell in second word the 2nd page, other a few keywords are advanced 5 pages cannot be found. A lot of people say to a keyword had better be contained only in TITLE, I think however, if your content is to be achieved formerly, and dependency is very strong, the weight of the website is pretty good also, you are completely OK write in TITLE on 4-5 even more keywords, such keywords related these are OK pretty good rank is obtained on Baidu, google is not certain.

Additional outside catenary is in whole in optimized process, also have crucial effect, the catenary outside the keyword that you do is more, quality is higher, no matter be Baidu or Google, can obtain a very good rank, this bit, what reflect in my website is very outstanding, as a result of working relation, I have a long time to had not managed this website, but I or from time to time do a few high quality outside catenary, the keyword of this website is discharged on Baidu and Google now in the first.

When a lot of people are doing SEO to optimize, the effect that can discover Baidu and Google has very big difference, you want to earn whose love, perhaps be in both between find place of a balance, this is the place that you should be measured. Will look at present, the discharge that Baidu comes to is most still, but future is what kind of, we everybody says to forbid.