Baidu optimizes how to use intelligence effectively to match

The keyword of Google has match extensively, match completely, word group matchs, the distinction between matchs in the keyword have in the form define, and the option that Baidu also has an intelligence to match, what is that intelligence matchs? How to use intelligence to match? What kind of keyword needs intelligence to match, what kind of word cannot be used?

Explaining next intelligence match above all is what meaning, intelligence matchs, be equivalent to matching extensively, the relevant and aberrant form of the keyword can appear.

Advantage: The opportunity that OK and more advertisement reveals, obtain more to click a quantity

Defect: Did not eliminate a function, cannot purify is invalid reveal reach click, rank of result of search of truly relevant keyword is in on the right side of, what relevant keyword clicks price prep above actually to do a keyword alone is actual click charge.

The need below that what circumstance adds intelligence to match?

Everyday the budget cannot give out, keyword can no more augment, cannot go thinking relevant keyword

What kind of keyword can add intelligence to match then?

Keyword word number reachs above in 6

The keyword appears related all without exception in augment keyword (the around compose that adds root namely won’t appear have nothing to do the keyword of the product)

The keyword of wide extensive does not add intelligence to match option

The keyword of 4 words, price on the low side, use Google keyword tool please, whether can not relevant content appear in looking carefully at an user to search a habit, if do not have, such statement effect will be first-rate