Baidu optimizes experience Baidu to rank the first need 20 days only

Everybody is good, I am Seozy, mix today stationmaster people share the result that engine of a few searches optimizes. alleged have good thing, brother from cannot hide, cannot resemble the old A inside soldier assault, hiding assist to wear at ordinary times, crucial moment defeat sb by a surprise action.

This paragraph during, the website that a custom is used to my deal with, very be necessary to be taken share, should be final summary of 8 years and gift of 9 years of New Year, give free everybody.

Custom net ranks the current situation:

Before the website a few compare come greatly the word of discharge is: Consuetudinary, custom habit, custom, chinese custom, the nation is consuetudinary wait. . . Website sheet relies on discharge to be able to be stabilized now in 200ip above. And it is website 11-17 is collected after be being put, the rank on the horse is firm and advanced two positions.

Everybody can search the word above, basic it is Baidu rank the first, second (rank without contest price temporarily, perhaps be 100 families group the first, this station perch resides the 2nd) .

Custom net history:

11-25 binds of calm domain name

11-2511-27 makes pattern plate, test program

11-28 custom is used to a net to be run formally

11-29 a spider, 11-30 10 spiders, 11-31 100 spiders

12-17 Baidu collects 71, one-time amnesty

12-17 up to now, collect increase steadily, rank of relevant search word rises, content page discharge is elevatory.

Ps one: By November at the beginning of December, it is more difficult that Baidu is collected, the stationmaster experience that this paragraph of time makes new station should be very difficult.

Website analysis:

1, domain name advantage of website domain name uses the Chinese that keyword custom is used to to go all out completely, baidu very know Chinese, once collect, keyword rank will be very good. Use phoneticize searchs Fengsuxiguan in Baidu, the result appears: What you should search is: Custom habit. So similar, can be registered directly with this domain name. It is to use Com next suffixal, do not discriminate against Cn suffixal, but the weight of Com is better, the Cn after eliminating 9 years when the river rises the boat goes up too, after the price is elevatory, weight also promotes.

2, custom net builds station flow

Decide a theme, register a domain name, choose a program, build pattern plate, add content, safeguard a website, advertent spider, wait to collect, comparative rank, analytic keyword. These measure should be remembered well at the heart. Did not make the sort of website collect, discover the keyword does not have good rank, revise theme and the mistake such as modification caption with respect to haste. New station is like a new student, via having this turn from side to side. Often modify website theme and pattern plate structure substantially, can you be a good website? Very suspectable.

3, home page caption

To new station, the discharge of early days relies on a homepage basically to come namely, and decide the homepage searchs discharge, it is the Title of the homepage. If Title does not have discharge to come, so the pity with the search little flow that early days stands newly. The article also analyses the website Title that custom is used to with respect to the key, how to use 11 words, with respect to the success that scores early days?

It is to cut a term above all: The word inside Title can dissection: Custom, habit, china, nation, consuetudinary, net

It is combination next: Mix with custom consuetudinary these main speeches, custom and consuetudinary rank are second, they can be mixed China, nation, the 4 words rank that these word combination rise is first.

It is to adjust then: After flow is steady, can analyse one dirty measure word, whether is there redundant word inside Title, whether add 9, in order to obtain more discharge? From this problem consideration, this Title can be amended. A, net word is OK take out, , b adds a tradition two words. Can amend finally for. The word that such combination come out is OK and more, still belong to new station now nevertheless, modification caption wants to be solved too. This caption is revised again after year.

Finally is patulous: Chinese area, province and city, 56 nations of Chinese, each festivals. Once these patulous words are done, discharge will be breathtaking.

4, frame of custom network structure

Home page – column page – content page, search result page, tag page, website map, 404 wrong pages, baidu map, google map. Take orthodox course.

Menu column, crumble, tags navigation, newest article, advocate push a column, relevant column, context, assure the link inside the station normally.

Temporary so much is analysed inside the station, continue the word of careful analysis can have discovery more places are OK more those who optimize, without optimization, only more optimize, everybody must remember. Everybody mights as well also analyse other side, have any the proposal mights as well Q me 27496274, continue to adjust later, arrange the opinion of everybody, give a custom to be used to a net optimize continuation.