Baidu of new station collects a problem to talk about the result that issues his

Latter Baidu changed again, algorithm was changed again a bit. I remember a friend saying a word, very classical, I or in that way, learned a meaning, did not remember a word. Means says, baidu evaluated a station to produce very big change, it is human nature at first this be apt to, now is human nature this evil.

Specific for, previously the Baidu record to increase oneself, the station of whatever appearance, wanted him to find only, collected first besides, this is evaluated to stand still after been collect again bad, bad, so collect decrease, good by K; finally, so collecting all the time.

But now, we watch the news of Baidu. Still blew, blew oneself how to much collect now more than 10000 little 10 thousand webpages, increased what with the speed of how many everyday, present rubbish station is increasing really at the same time. If we define rubbish,stand even if those are pure belong to the station for SEO experiment and the station that do not have any value. I am OK so say, state-owned 35%-40% station is a rubbish station in now. We go Baidu searchs an article casually. There is 2-3 in before 10 pages piece be no use, more need not much from the back.

The netizen feared the article of reduplicative no use, baidu also was afraid of, and also hated, google depends on his server actual strength temporarily, had not produced the change with big what temporarily. Then, will erupt October last year history on the brutallest algorithmic change incident, countless stationmaster begin to scold Baidu, and scold because of our country just about, jump over much person to began to know SEO more more.

Breathe out then, sufferred from the stationmaster of a lot of. A lot of new the new station that the person of the cavalcade of affiliation head of a station makes is not collected by Baidu hard, everywhere ask a question, how is ability collected by Baidu. Actually Baidu won’t not collect new station for his development, but Baidu rejects to collect the new station that carries excessive SEO, if you open Baidu, you also should develop consider for your.

Actually, new stand still collect.

A lot of present friends make a station is to use CMS. After making a new station when us, I suggest, do not take any outstanding SEO kind, when making a station, there should be a belief only in your heart, this station how am I done, the serves you netizen with nicer gift. What the netizen that lets you feels to visit is comfortable, did one new station to come at present gymnastical net ( , whats did not change to use CMS directly, look to need this how to long just can be collected.

Just think, when if a new station is returned,doing not have any content, you already advertisement, play a window, duplicate article ah of one pile, who is still willing to visit you this stands. I am to not be willing, I see one has the station that plays a window now, I am dropped with respect to screen, irritated dead, chinese station is so much, I do not visit you, the station with other visits is OK.

A lot of people say, that not duplicate article, oneself build a station, that is not gotten tired die. You if so if saying, you had left a definition to your station: Rubbish stands. I what if I am,do Baidu then am OK so decline you, I do not become a friend with rubbish person.

The station that wants to let you is collected quickly by Baidu, only at 2 o’clock:

1. does not have any SEO actions to your station, collected besides. Female you were not chased after, what to still talk about I should swing her.

2.Send some of article to website of dotty of a few spiders, carry your website, the effect is better stand like stationmaster, my station comes gymnastical net just sent a flexible language in the morning, two hours did not appear in Baidu search to this article, see its effect, must it is OK that Baidu knows to have this station.

With respect to this at 2 o’clock, go experiencing well.

Still have, baidu it may not be a bad idea, gu Ge, the station that he collects you is the quality that reads your article, not be to see an amount. Did not see a station is collected, what increase is rapid.

So, although your station has 2-3 only piece article, as long as it is oneself those who write is good. Baidu was collected, you rape him again slowly.

The station that myself makes newly did 2 days, today have been the 3rd day, the first day of Google is collected, waiting for Baidu to collect now.

The editor comments on: Very glad to can see more and more stationmaster begin to take user experience seriously, also collect search engine regular analogy to be experienced into user visit at the same time. No matter search engine,develop what level actually, this is only standard, no matter how regulation alternates, the sense of reality that is close to caller gets the sole end that is a search.

Stationmaster friends, if you have good idea, experience, originality, result. Mood story, welcome at any time contribution!