Baidu of engine of low demand talking about search segments a technology

How understanding chooses key word word, did a few participles to check an experiment designedly, a few more Baconian the experience that segments about searching engine Baidu is shared to everybody. The hope can help stationmaster people more deep-seated understanding search engine segments a technology, had done oneself website, obtain better rank.

One, search engine Chinese segments a technology

Technology of participle of search engine Chinese is simple for, segment the Chinese character alignment of Chinese into significant word group namely.

Segment example: I / be / / student

2, search engine segments a technology to summarize

1. is based on the participial method that string matchs

String together the Chinese character that needs an analysis according to particular strategy with extremely the vocabulary entry in the lexicon undertakes matching.

The method of commonly used participle:

to the biggest match a law (by left to right way)

The participle checks example: I / intended / see / difference

Retrorse the biggest match a law (by right to wrong way)

The participle checks example: I / have / opinion / difference

According to checking data statistic result to make clear in great quantities: Pure use to the biggest the wrong rate that match is 1/169, pure use instead

To the biggest the wrong rate that match is 1/245. Converse the segmentation that match precision summary prep above Xiang Pi matchs.

2. is based on participial method of statistic

The time that the word of photograph adjacent appears at the same time is more, make a statement more likely. Use at the system to identify new term automatically.

3. is based on the participial method of understanding

In the participle while undertake syntax, semantic analysis, use syntax information and semantic information to handle branch surprise appearance.

3, Baidu search engine segments a technology to analyse

Word of the biggest participle grows 1.

The participle checks inquiry: Of course with

Participial technology is Baconian: Little at be equal to 3 Chinese word not cut

The participle checks inquiry: The film downloads

Participial technology is Baconian: To be more than the word that is equal to 4 Chinese characters to will be segmented

2. participle matchs algorithm

The participle checks inquiry: Inquiry: Be versed in ground direction guides

to the biggest match: Building site / direction / guide

Echo is the biggest match: Labour / place / guide

Baidu is used to the biggest match algorithm

The participle checks inquiry: Deng Xiaoping is stable army hill

to the biggest match: Deng Xiaoping / stable / army / hill

Baidu segments a result: Deng Xiaoping / how / decide army hill

Segment conclusion: Baidu identifies person name, movie and TV, Thespian name to wait for special statement, when turning to be segmented with the lexicon preferential.

The participle checks inquiry: North of He Rundong southwest (north and south of He Rundong, thing two words)

to the biggest match: He Rundong / on the west / north and south

Participial technology is Baconian: Use with special dictionary above all the biggest Xiang Pi deserves to segment, cut the rest of partial result; to was not segmented give common dictionary, adopt likewise to the biggest match a participle.

Segment a technology about searching engine, a bully writes this this first. But the participial technology that searchs engine is far more than these, segment medium a few difficult problem, if different meanings identifying, new term identifies, clew of function of clew of spelling examination mistake, phoneticize clew, relevant search a few deeper in the future the opportunity introduces one by one to everybody again.

Everybody has fun at the relevant knowledge that understands this aspect further, can come our communication group communicate together.

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