Baidu keyword ranks fundamental algorithm: About link and be being clicked

Core clew: When undertaking optimizing to a website, the rank that need notices to website interior structure and exterior link search engine twice this to compare a foundation is regular.

Exterior link falls in light of us above all, exterior catenary joins need notices the following:

The amount that how much 1 link amount links to appear in this webpage from other webpage according to the keyword will judge a webpage to be opposite the dependency of this keyword. For instance, we want the keyword teleplay that do, there are 3000 webpages to link A to stand in whole Internet, and only 2000 webpages catenary receives B station page, so, in the search result of Baidu, before A platoon, b platoon is from the back.

Discretion of 2 links quality is the same as a circumstance to fall in link amount photograph, the quality of mother link webpage is higher, its child before the rank that links a webpage leans more. The concept of website quality is general understandable it is the website with bigger name, its quality is higher, the PR that says normally namely is worth.

It is the internal composition of the website next, in us when compose builds the inner structure of the website, need notices the following:

The position that the keyword appears / frequency, the position that appears in the webpage according to the keyword and frequency will judge a webpage to be opposite the dependency of this keyword. Generally speaking webpage of caption precede over, the prep above of home page caption that also saying is a website is other page, e.g. network of same potato of a keyword, your station appears in the caption of website home page, and the other other pages that stand to just appear in the website, so in the search result in Baidu, your meeting discharges advanced face.

Before the position that the preferential keyword before webpage keyword position appears in the webpage leans more, before its rank also leans more. The frequency that the preferential keyword with the big frequency in the webpage appears in the webpage is bigger, before its rank also leans more, this also is the keyword density that often says, the about this kind article on the net is very much, here did not repeat. Usually, keyword occurrence frequency should not exceed webpage vocabulary number 8% , but, care about this not overly also, everything presses the need of article content, fastened keyword of beyond the mark accumulation to go.

Baidu still has to be clicked namely to website rank now measure

The station with Baidu can advanced to the rank spider undertakes a simulative is clicked measure, the page that thinks to get more hits is measured commonly, its quality is higher, before the rank also leans accordingly. For instance, in the past 3 the middle of a month, its click the PV that measures A station on average is 30000/ day, and what B stands is 25000/ day, in other condition identical premise falls, in searching a result, a rank is advanced, b rank is in hind.

Above is a few basic regulation of Baidu only, baidu we are to do what do not know it forever, the website optimizes a kind of when popularizing a website only auxiliary method, not be all. Do not want to be depended on overly to Baidu, although your SEO is again fierce, the algorithm that wants Baidu only is changed a little, let you likely be returned again once upon a time.