Baidu K website had carried out accurate blow to want to take seriously rise

Discover the Baidu snapshot of peak net backs down suddenly a few days ago, this kind of abnormal phenomenon caused the author’s attention instantly, the problem with appeared particular because of Baidu snapshot is regressive and adumbrative website. The head of a station that once heard all-purpose navigation net has been told about, the reason that can cause Baidu snapshot to back down commonly is main by 4 respects:

The first respect: The name to the website or the homepage was made perhaps revise partly entirely

The 2nd respect: The search engine such as Baidu, Gu Ge decides your website is cogged, the load one’s writing with fancy phrases that basically includes a keyword, website is optimized excessive etc

The 3rd respect: Have violate the act of compasses, the attention includes the state law code such as yellow, bawdy, low common and its policy unallowed

The 4th respect: Be waited to search the website that engine K drops by Baidu again in website friendship link, should assume so get joint liability certainly.

Serious analysis causes the cause with Baidu regressive snapshot, use a division one by one to contrast eliminate

Above all close period of time, the homepage that the author does not have pair of websites even inside page make any modification, this can exclude the account of the first respect

Remember all-purpose navigation net well because of the author next the instruction of senior manager, that is the website is best optimize even if do not optimize, nonexistent also of course be decided to be the likelihood with cogged website by the search engine such as Baidu, Gu Ge. Can exclude the account of the 2nd respect so.

Thirdly, safeguard and popularize a website special hardships, the website that cherishs oneself with respect to the child as cherishing oneself, won’t publish any a few act that violate national policy statute of course, what is more,the rather that the big move of the wind that the country is beginning Internet punish low common now, it is Shen Zhi more careful. So tripartite face also can eliminate.

Through above eliminate, leave the question of the last respect only, that is the website that is waited to search engine K to drop by Baidu again in website friendship link, should assume get joint liability certainly, then the author searchs the input in casing in Baidu: Site: ? Qia chews bed Qin inferior the result discovery that Cui lip has road Yu Ren Zhang to write down ITE of Qia of moisture in the soil of  of an ancient drinking vessel of a pavilion or house on a terrace, the search engine such as the Baidu of these websites, Gu Ge is collected not just normal, and collected page is of on 10 thousand, of course the PR of the website is very tall also.

This kind of phenomenon lets the author remain puzzled after pondering over sth a hundred times, be what reason brings about the Baidu snapshot of peak net to back down? Because can be sure is the reason of the 4th respect, serious comparing is so right, when baffling, discover website of a when do join having feeling a few days ago inadvertently, although Baidu collected 60 thousand pages, the PR=5 of the website, but the homepage of the website was not collected by Baidu however. Manage by as usual, the homepage of the website replaces the frequent, capacity that browse because of content highest, it is the website collects a page only, those who collect also is a homepage, and the regulation that clearer Baidu collects the author, that is the weight with the highest homepage of meeting accord website, this kind of unusual appearance is adumbrative abnormal. Then the author deleted that friendship to link, also informed each other at the same time, show an account. After 3 days, it is normal that the Baidu snapshot of peak net restored again, so far just suddenly be enlightened, original Baidu K the homepage of that website, because Baidu is in imperceptible in had carried out accurate blow to K website.

Consider to discover further to this kind of phenomenon, baidu K website, some K face of a homepage, some K a main column. This admonishs we, doing a website when friendship is linked, must SITE the website of the other side, also want to notice the homepage of website of the other side at the same time; If be an omnibus website, connective may be the homepage of a big column, in those days you must when redo exchanges join, SITE column of the other side. Because this views the action with be like not significant, it is responsible to oneself website.