Baidu is very modest, how does center study raise PV to the individual

The lets him PV with a small imperceptible modification raises Baidu news one times. Baidu news is a polymerization only previously, click a link to enter news website page directly. Ability is nodded to enter final page again after clicking a page that enters Baidu first even now. Automatical user can contribute a PV more. But believe regular also meeting loses a few clients.

Individual stationmaster is to had not been familiar with again certainly to this page, this has been the very good raises PV method that is used by individual stationmaster. Make special subject page more, let an user nod link ability a few times to enter final page. Look Baidu also learned this trick, allow an user as far as possible stay a little while in Baidu more, obtain more interesting statistic data.

Begin to prepare to search the replace person of Baidu news, GOOGLE information is a right choice, do not have Internet special regrettablly.