Baidu is updated greatly, website rank is fond of again care?

Baidu passes the adjustment of a month, collected to the website March 13 namely yesterday eventually, the rank undertook be updatinged greatly. Appeared again in forum a lot of ask Baidu updates a website by K, key word ranks the problem such as next demote. Accompanying the every time of Baidu to adjust, always little not stationmaster people sad sound complains or have one’s heart filled with joyance.
Nevertheless why, is the person that says Baidu K stands much? The website that obtains good rank actually is not little also, just be in website respect, a lot of stationmaster are to sign up for care not to announce good news. The rank went up, oneself are glad to do not tell others, the result that because not was necessary,obtains oneself goes showing off.

The Chinese has a characteristic. When you outer enter when swinging all corners of the country, if your department place is good, made money, you can say: Alas, died thoroughly, what does not have gain; When your department condition is embarrassed, you can say: Pretty good still, earned dot money. Ah, face problem. On the website, likewise applicable. Wealthy person won’t say he is rich, others can guess only just.

A lot of people ask: Website by K, was fallen to counterpoise by Baidu, how to do? My answer is very simple: Take out website assumes office why excessive optimized place, keep newer, it is certain to maintain high grade outside catenary, baidu won’t abandon your. And this just needs time, await patiently.

This Baidu is updated greatly have interest. Yesterday, I saw the snapshot time of a few websites had become 2.25 model, the phenomenon that Baidu snapshot answers archives also is not scarce, this often is Baidu what should update is augural, just as one would expect, inquire key word to Baidu again today, baidu snapshot time has been been newlier yesterday snapshot namely 3.13. Although the time of Baidu snapshot produces change, but click snapshot to go in examine content, can discover, content did not produce change, false snapshot time, still be that word, problem of synchronism of Baidu server data.

Additional, do-nothing remind everybody: Website correcting wants discretion, especially the home page caption of the website, once correcting, baidu can seal up for keeping very likely your website period of time, although won’t fall,counterpoise your website, but any pages that Baidu does not update you namely, reckon that taste is bad also to suffer. If your was sealed up for keeping by Baidu again, you can use the method that mentions in this article above me to stimulate Baidu, nevertheless this method wants to be used less; With much, offend angry Baidu, direct Ka Ca.