Baidu, Gu Ge searchs engine to optimize the principle that stand erect does not pour

Because broad stationmaster searchs engine to optimize (SEO) warm up ceaselessly in home, add those who search engine algorithm not to calculate perfect, once text of simple Mate label + is optimized etc optimize gimmick to had been replaced by the SEO formula with integrated now consideration and program place. And add different search engine: The search engine such as Baidu/Google/Yahoo has independent algorithm. Undertake engine optimizes had been a kind of integrated quality to think searching, is not pure a certain respect has been done enough, but the client’s patience is compressed by huge however, they need is quick kill and significant income, so, present SEOer pressure is very great. Increasing element is come in by the consideration, on one hand the eye shot that huge abounded SEO and method, the rapid also however threshold that raised a learn the rudiments of a subject.

Pass oneself a few experience, I am a few more integrated element, not certain and all correct, but just comprehended of the individual, give a person with fishing, the understands you to be engaged in domain that the hope can let more SEO accredit can be rapid, if you had been a SEO expert, do not continue to look, because read my article to you it is the thing O that does not have face very much (∩_∩ ) O with a ha breaths out ~

1, exterior optimize: Of high quality guide link and element of exterior whole environment

Believe this need not I repeat too much narrate, everybody can realize his gain. I need to emphasize afresh of a bit is: Not complete will exterior link guides on a page, when the robot that can cause search engine so is being searched, reduplicative searchs your certain page too much, and exterior element not just the catenary outside bureau be confined to. But to the novice, of specific aim the keyword receives a homepage repeatedly, be the basiccest germinant. Important is connective anchorage character, for example Xiamen is secondhand net

2, in-house element: Website URL structure

To you the structure of website URL ought to consider carefully. As far as possible little use contain? The long element of date and other character appears, such search engine may understand for a kind of chilly expression. Had better use the letter that contains clear trend to appear, a kind of title that perhaps uses international to go up to compare popularity now – of copyright write a law. Of course, this is a proposal only. Calculate a page to need to use trends, that also can use pattern of bogus static state, a lot of more current novel net, literary net, even the film, URL address uses static pattern.

3, label optimizes: Yuan of valuable label

The content that every webpage place behaves is different, the understanding that gives a search engine is different also, searching what engine needs to look is the label of single page not just, more important is whole. To different webpage content, the robot that you need yourself to consider a likely tag to search engine in order to rise is right of your website cover range, give the effective theme of your website through this resolution. Had better be each page has different label to prop up.

4, the density of key word word and position

To search engine, it can differ in analytic page the keyword is in different position, give different weight, keyword of necessary and sedulous accumulation is done not have in the webpage, only SEO novice ability is met so do.

5, enough patience and tough volition

Need good state of mind, to my individual, I do not care about the discretion of the rank, because this is not important, important is the thing that I am doing myself to like, obtain joy from which, this is the most important, say you can treat SEO as probably oneself hobby, it is better to be met probably.