Baidu, google, the Yahoo advanced search that searchs engine is syntactic

Want to learn SEO, so we first from most base search engine grammar learns to rise, the search that arranges Baidu, Yahoo, google3 to search engine greatly below is advanced grammar and application.

Baidu searchs advanced grammar

1, it is search limits demarcate in webpage caption Intitle

Webpage caption is type of pair of webpage content concentrate on the main points normally is Baconian. It is demarcate of inquiry content limits in webpage caption, can achieve favorable result sometimes. Use means, it is an inquiry in content, particularly crucial part, with Intitle: ? Eo Intitle: of Ha of Shu of H of soot swan plinth? Scull  ?

2, it is search limits demarcate in specific site Site

Occasionally, if you know to there are your to need the thing that seek in a certain site, can be search limits demarcate in this site, improve inquiry efficiency. Use means, it is to be at the back of inquiry content, add Site: ?  of lens Wen Li?
For example, seo Site: . Cn, or a certain domain name, if, Com is waited a moment. If be to should eliminate some website or the page inside domain name limits, need to use only – website / domain name. Be like: Seo Site: ? The lip embraces be able to bear or endure?link of castrate of spay of  field K:

3, the webpage that Inurl grammar returns contains the first key word in the link, the key word from the back appears in the link or in webpage documentation. Have a lot of websites some kind the resource name that has same property shows in catalog name or in webpage name, for instance MP3, GALLARY, then, can find these relevant resource links with INURL grammar, next, whether to have some specific data certainly with the 2nd keyword. INURL grammar and the biggest distinction that search grammar basically depend on, former can provide very accurate special subject data normally. Be like: Search: INurl:pDf Seo

4, all inquiry key word is contained in the link of the webpage that Allinurl grammar returns. The object of this inquiry is centered at the link string of the webpage only.

: of give typical examples? The company website of safe flaw of HF of Xiao of smile of Yan of Qin iridium provide for. PHF script program is contained in the CGI-BIN catalog of these websites normally (this script is insecure) , expression is a domain name in the link / Cgi-bin/phf. Syntactic: ALlinurl:cGi-bin Phf +comrelated uses the webpage that searchs likeness of structural content respect. Exemple: ? Male Lv of form of leg of apricot of  of Liang of castrate of spay sends  Tao sincere hey frequency bursa takes the advantage of? to be like Netease home page, sohu home page, the) such as China net home page, related: . Cn/index.shtml.

Cache uses the cache of some page on search GOOGLE server, this function is the same as webpage snapshot, use at searching normally certain the dead link webpage that has been deleted, be equivalent to using the webpage snapshot function in page of common search result. Info is used show a series of searches related to some link, provide Cache, Link, Related and the function that include the webpage of this link completely.

Yahoo is advanced the search is syntactic

Title: ? Rotten Su Piao member?title: of castrate of spay of nucleus of Shu of  of Xing Yanao @ of comfort Tun  ? Betray в ? , in alling alone engine can return all caption, search includes Zhang Xueyou’s webpage. Because the caption of the webpage connects the describes a webpage content with exact regular meeting, use Title: so? Does  promote two of  of  of lofty of provide for of  of male Ч of Jian of castrate of spay?

Link: ? Lip of laborious of  of appropriate of rotten deceive Qin embraces  of Jiao pull Bei to return be able to bear or endure?link: of castrate of spay of nucleus of Shu of  of  field @ . Cn/ , can get all catenary receive the webpage; Search Yao Ming Link: . Cn/ or Link: . Cn/ Yao Ming, in the webpage that can get all catenary, include the webpage of one word of Yao Ming. Ask an attention: .cn cannot lack when the search or Yao Ming Domain: perhaps exchanges statement of Yao Ming and Site, Domain the position (blank space is used to separate among the attention) , all alone engine can return search to reach its in domain child in the domain name, all including Yao Ming the webpage of one word.

Hostname: ? Flinch Ite: of plum ㄓ Zuo ?  Omain: ? Does hesitating of sneer   return Man of  A Chinese-style unlined garment Ostname: ? Is Bei pray an ancient nationality in China troubled by emperor to steal busy of  of Li of closely question nose dam to be able to bear or endure is instrument of  of Li of wetting bless of ㄆ of  of word of  of  constant  able to bear or endure Rl: of  field ? Rl of Zuo of castrate of spay of bandit of Mei Gao  . For example: Search Url: , search engine can return China of Yahoo of a result only.

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