Baidu " extensive punishs type " guess

Stationmaster of a lot of novices is asking all the time recently same a problem: Why the station that doesn’t Baidu still collect me, why does Baidu collect my home page only? . Very simple, because Baidu enabled mechanism of more severe examine and verify,be, try to prevent new round rubbish station storm. We know, of domain name of a yuan of CN open register, creating more and more rubbish stations, fishing stands. Google AdSense vermicelli made from bean starch people also all the time follow is worn the fond dream that they rely on to collect money earning a knife. Then, lin Lin a variety of behavior of exceed what is proper irritated eventually Baidu his a respectful form of address for an old person.

Baidu is proud from beginning to end with bias. Face provoke, face the mad rape of cribber. The iron face figure that Baidu flaunts for his dignity and him all along, he auxes would rather not hesitate partial way station, the interest of new station. Even if fault is killed 3000, also not let slip. This is penalty of so called extensive. In Baidu then mechanism of new examine and verify falls, no matter new station way station is black and white more or less get embroil. Even if is manslaughter, baidu is complained to yours niminy-piminy perhaps, because he thinks all the time,oneself are right. This is Baidu is proud, he always can turn up his nose at a large number of heroes, but as what way station grows we can are opposite only forever his 45° horn is admired inspect. Under photograph comparing, google is met more human nature was changed, if one stands to be maintained cogged he contacts website administrator to put forward to revise a proposal personally likely, more won’t overturn of one bamboo pole one boat person. Of course, proud with bias it is brother of a pair of twin, baidu is not exceptional also. According to me observation floats treat equally without discrimination also is not below castigatory butcher’s knife, often notorious CN is compared than the domain name such as.COM, .NET more get frivolous. For a test that does with respect to me: I apply for at the same time, the domain name, make promotion of golden hill WPS, do the content of just the same, I go to the unfair sex to confirm Baidu after the rice of designed.NET Baidu referred a few days, result, the domain name of the.NET after a week was collected. CN was not collected all the time. Do not eliminate contingency to perhaps be not the accident of normal interference of course, but Baidu is repellent to CN, his bias clearly.

Come out to mix, want to return sooner or later. Because of cribber, because rubbish stands,run rampant. The chaos with self-righteous Baidu is killed innocent. Whether can he consider him to losing common feelings of people, whether is he met the GOOGLE at the back of angst, YAHOO can take the advantage of empty and enter, after all hind both does more human nature is changed. If Baidu is connected,I think advocate when field advantage is parting, what capital can that still have to continue to do the eldest child that China searchs?

Wake wake! Do not kill in chaos innocent, put way station to stand newly a means of livilihood, end!