Baidu does not collect website reason systems analysis

The first respect: Key word of many load one’s writing with fancy phrases, keyword

A few key word, keyword is added on the website original, this give no cause for more criticism. But pile thorough keyword in great quantities, it is the cogged gimmick that search engine feels disgusted most, because of load one’s writing with fancy phrases of key word, keyword meeting virtually can increase the burden of the spider, each search what engine makes clear now to express greatly: Key word of load one’s writing with fancy phrases, keyword is serious cogged conduct. If you already key word of load one’s writing with fancy phrases, keyword still is done not have by the word of Baidu K, you had better be revised immediately, unless you are a reason by Baidu K.

The 2nd respect: Optimize overmuch

The ground is very much be analysed to discover by the website of Baidu K, baidu is right of the website optimize very sensitive, a little overmuch, which Baidu is met you did not discuss K, I build a station at that time is to well-meaning friend says to me, the website is the biggest optimize even if do not optimize, so I am necessary to remind here, to the website optimize can want stop where it should stop.

The 3rd respect: The station of pornography and political opinion on public affairs or the appearance of terminal that have opposite aggressiveness language to Baidu are easy by K

If your website violates Chinese constitution and law or illicit of public proclamation of place of legal laws and regulations, for example pornography, you meet what Baidu K drops, the reason is self-evident. And the website that those have opposite aggressiveness language to Baidu also is Baidu place see not gladly. If you must be done so, ask you to had made the preparation that is dropped by Baidu K at any time.

The 4th respect: Content alliance is too much

Join in cautiously content is allied, the affiliation of content alliance, the consequence that cause is same content can appear to repeat in great quantities on Internet, search has search engine place not to like this. All-purpose navigation net has a few friends to say to make me much add bit of content in construction process, best can alliance of instrument of accession, because was joined their, a few months went, their website is collected by Baidu the amount decreases in great quantities, then in succession take out content is allied. Softhearted clew: The website that is far from content alliance to be able to let you has a healthy spring.

The 5th respect: Many know to advertise or be stuck in Baidu the in Baidu product that hair post will come to strive for discharge makes promotion

It is the result that can get expect to be less than so, but you want those who have rhythm to do, do not want to let a family give saw. Baidu feels disgusted very much to advertising inside his product. Alleged Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme. , if you want flow of the pursuit inside short time, your website can suffer corresponding penalty.

The 6th respect: Same website domain name is too much