Baidu collects the regulation of website and cleared website

1, the keyword that has nothing to do in the accumulation in caption and text.

Emphasized the mutual echo of caption and website content, if some keyword is involved in caption, and if having nothing to do with this keyword in actual website content, so may Baidu is deleted. What this one clause mirrorred Baidu is strict. But those who be worth to think is, the dependency of the content that with what method goes judging a website and caption keyword is Baidu? caption appeared some keyword, must text appear? ? ? If not be, so the search technology with current Baidu can resemble a person same, you can be analysed from meaning and logic? It is same that for instance the machine can judge the Yakeli in area caption to follow the organic glass that mentions in text a meaning?

Of course, if Baidu uses site of artificial examine and verify entirely, so this one is first-rate, have operation sex very much! But appear again so a problem, artificial examine and verify is relevant, with whose view be accurate?

2, use jump automatically the page that turn, may be discarded by Baidu.

This one does not require much review, basically jump in the light of what a few cogged behavior use turn. Most search engine can have similar provision.

3, be in same on the page, do not have overmuch link. On the page of those site map types, give out serious content please link, is not all minor details. The link is too much, also may bring about cannot be collected by Baidu. More or less to join after all, how had just calculated? ? Google anyhow still suggests to had better not exceed 100, where is Baidu? Baidu can punish major large site arbitrarily by this, major large site home page had so 10 several good even hundreds of connective.

4, if your site was done a lot of be aimed at Baidu optimize, but bring a large number of negative experiences to the user however, so, your site may be returned finally is to be able to get of Baidu desolate.

What has called what be aimed at Baidu more to optimize? Can you have a bit more detailed level? Although the means of this word is first-rate, it seems that the netizen that any has intuitive knowledge should applaud, but what is crucial question depends on particular operation standard? Excessive optimize and negative give sympathetic consideration to, anybody has different view. For instance I feel Baidu searchs a result namely the first page is advertisement completely, affected my feeling, should delete?

5, to been repeat the 100 thousand content that all over, baidu may not grant to collect.

This, do not make a comment. Just remind everybody duplicate content also wants to search to there was new idea.

6, become friendship link with site of a few rubbish, probable meeting makes your website gets negative effect. Accordingly, when somebody the very enthusiastic site that asks you are him offers friendship when the link, examine please the following at 2 o’clock:

A, is the site of the other side in he whether is that domain high quality? Between stationmaster so called discharge and rank, get with beguiling method very much more, cannot keep long.

B, whether is the link name that the other side asks mixed is position of website of the other side proportional? Cover the keyword with wide range to do a content with the link name of the website of special confine, probable meeting makes your website gets negative effect.

Baidu this, have a place too too innocent, baidu punished a site, also can explain arbitrarily according to this. If there are a few links on your website, have among so name of a join and position of the other side unworthily if, can look for reason to abandon your site.

7, the place that if your website content has,does not accord with Chinese law, cannot be collected by Baidu, this, need not wordy.

8, if your site page structure is complex, cannot be collected possibly by Baidu. The structure is complex bring about the likelihood that cannot collect reason, baidu was mentioned only 1 above, 2, at 3 o’clock.

9, Baidu is not promised can collect all sites.

We respect the freedom of Baidu. Of course if Baidu does not need to respect an user, he bans any site, can use this explanation, and be rendered speechless letting a person.

10, if the webpage in your site, did a lot of processing that are aimed at user of search engine and rather than, make: The content that the user sees from inside searching a result and page are actual content differs completely, or the rank of site quality and site in searching a result extremely unworthily, bring about user generation to get beguiling feeling thereby, so, your website is discarded likely by Baidu.

This at 2 o’clock, relying on a machine is examine and verify did not come out, servantchoose a person for a job only will decide. What cries unworthily. What makes be cheated, have only fair say communal reason, of course Baidu is the old, his member that turn over cogged small composition said to calculate! According to this reason, can delete do not know major site. Baidu must ask the website offers relevant authority and industry position certificate after it seems, such ability obtain corresponding rank, otherwise uniform delete!

11, if the webpage on your site, it is the content of the high repeatability that duplicates to go up from Internet in great quantities, so, your site is discarded likely also by Baidu.