Baidu collects key word to rank not stable element

Rank as a result of Baidu nature occasionally moody, via often can appearing tremendous bouncing sex is mixed instability.

One, say bouncing sex first:

Pay close attention to a new station, after doing a few search to all alone engine is optimized, probably 30 days or so, google is one pace is slow from a few 40 to a few 30 to a few 20, to a few 10 crawl, should say rate is slower, but add steadily piece, very accord with me the idea of the natural like physical training growth to optimizing a characteristic. There also is a few to relapse during, attribute the different situation problem of the database.

Yahoo and Google are about the same, just increase rate a bit faster than Google, another characteristic of Yahoo is to be compared repeatedly little, not apparent.

Compare of Baidu do not accord with nature to increase the rule, rank at the beginning be in a few 230, change basically without what, collect very slow also, two days still drop a few 250, but suddenly leap goes to the 2nd between one night recently, collect also increase considerably. Resembled taking a shot in the arm suddenly same, became world second place suddenly, the process that neither one improves stage by stage.

2, do not stabilize besides:

Google and Yahoo have sandbox effect, nobody has spoken of Baidu.

I observe a few websites, a few compare popular industry vocabulary, rank front row in Baidu at the beginning, abrupt between, rank of two a month, months basically searched not to see, and name of website of vocabulary of search an unexpected winner also searchs to be not worn, but more strange is this website two industries vocabulary, it is OK to have among them a rank returns put up with. Make a person incomprehensible.

This phenomenon is in 1, the meeting after 2 months disappears automatically, rank regression, also have time a few days shorter.

This should reduce sandbox effect? (