Baidu changes webpage weight to calculate law website how to be collected smoothly

Baidu has changed webpage weight algorithm recently, , how does website SEO answer Baidu new algorithm, and how is new station collected quickly by Baidu? A few points are announced below.

One, after website construction is finished, refer to Baidu again

2, the content with inchoate website should assure 80% achieve formerly change

1.Achieve formerly change differ Yu Yuan is achieved, you are OK will duplicate the content that come over is added revise, made immediateness is achieved formerly change. Generally speaking, need revises before the text of the article 200 words, caption (Title) , keyword (Keywords) and description (Deion) is best also oneself go writing.

2.It is certain to achieve the result that turn formerly be not a patch on achieves an article formerly, but same meeting gets those who search engine collect! And there is very few one part to be able to be collected by search engine only without editorial article after collecting.

3. Achieve formerly changing can be the some on duplicate other station piece the article is added revise, also can be the article of the same theme that looks for many websites, arrange by hand next, made formation a new implied meaning, such doing revise again than article of onefold and duplicate some apparently many what be close friends!

3, choose a good domain name, and a high speed, stable, safe space

Good domain name should satisfy 4 requirements commonly:

Itself of 1. domain name is industry keyword popular perhaps keyword (such domain name is very much had been registered, right now you can be registered see the keyword that is like an unexpected winner, there is much great sense before resembling such Cet word one year, but can bring) of a lot of discharge however today! Industry vocabulary makes a domain name, can virtually raises a website to leave the position in propping up in the search!

2. domain name had better, if what you domain name has been registered, the proposal changes a train of thought, register domain name, be no good really, consider the domain name of Net again. Had better not domain name.

3. activity of a year of many domain name of 1 yuan of CN since, make there is several in a lot of hand 10 CN rice, a lot of people do rubbish to stand with CN, baidu is very at present so strict to the examine and verify of CN rice, general station, if a lot of content are collected, perhaps won’t be collected by Baidu at all.

In all 4. corn: The odds that / alls alone in search engine is collected in Baidu especially should compare other rice big! Besides, org should want to be collected more easily than Com than Net!

4, the website structure that should build reasonable clarity

Make tourist and search spider OK read your website smoothly all and downstage page. It is this bit the most important, it is the key of SEO! Qollar is hanged on the webpage, qollar is a webpage that is had to prevent ill will to click a function by what Baidu approbates talks about day tool, preventing ill will to click is the issue that system of rank of Baidu contest price handles vigorously all the time. Baidu spider can detect above all whether is Qollar code contained inside the webpage, and preferential processing is mixed collect put the webpage that has Qollar code.

5, as far as possible the exterior join of high quality of much ground associate with

If the friendship of website of person of the same trade joins, the website is inchoate if look for the friendship that is less than station of person of the same trade,join, can release relevant text to station of person of the same trade, take oneself website to join in releases text again.

6, ad of the mom in A had better not be placed in the website

7, detect the behavior of the user

For instance user therefrom comes, will what do, the content of what theme is the most welcome. Find your website through what keyword, provide the resource that the user needs in time, is not the blindly tentative idea with oneself will update. (