Baidu and cereal song judge website article to whether be achieved formerly try analyse

Baidu and cereal song judge website article to whether be achieved formerly try analyse

About the analysis that Baidu judges to achieving content formerly

The rank of key word can be affected when a large number of duplicate content websites have.

It is the article that you write originally for example, should rank originally very good, but the article that someone else borroweds or reprints you, and the word that the webpage that the judgement that searchs engine misfortune is borroweded that piece or reprints is primitive provenance, your due rank can be snatched by that webpage.

So how does search index prop up ability from inside many webpages which is winkle primitive provenance? The likelihood has the following considerations:

1) webpage PR value. Webpage PR cost is higher, the possibility that is considered as original version is larger.

2) the time that webpage first time is collected. When the webpage is alled alone by search engine is collected, jump over early, for the webpage of the identical content that after be being compared, discovers, be regarded as the possibility of primitive provenance is larger.

3) the domain name registers time. The webpage above older domain name is regarded as the possibility of primitive provenance is larger also.

4) the authority of the website is spent. This says a bit not clear, the likelihood is included in front 3 elements, still have a lot of other factors.

But so far, no matter be given priority to with which element, or how to combine these elements, impossible completely correct from the winkle in many webpages primitive provenance.

E.g. me this rich customer is very new, the domain name is very new also, when the time that the article is collected has, also not be the earliest certainly, authoritative position and by degree of belief for, affirmative also be not a patch on is very much Chinese website. But my rich customer is new, my domain name is new, the content that does not mean me is not primitive provenance, actually my all rich guest is to be achieved formerly.

I also discovered a lot of websites are reprinted recently, some moment are to borrowed my rich guest content, the dimensions of a lot of websites, the history, PR value wants than my website many tall.

Be based on individual rich guest, cereal song more gives content weight

1, Gu Ge is collected than Baidu faster, can discern more primary source

The netizen has today say, the one article that I write before this, in search result of Gu Ge, textual the rich guest address that going out is me, the platoon is in the first.

Actually, gu Ge to rate of Chinese information capture fast, I have early personal experience. Since browser of use red fox, installed cereal song toolbar, acquiescent search engine is Gu Ge. Oneself often also undertake searching with respect to the rich guest daily record that keeps newly, the rate that discovers Gu Ge is collected is very rapid, sometimes half hours can be collected.