Avoid to be deceived: The detail that cannot ignore in friendship link

Friendship link can bring the flow with considerable amount not just, more important is the weight that can increase a website and PR value. So stationmaster people the website that is him promotion, friendship join makes the one ring with promotion important website. But friendship link is not a sunshine, the problem that still a lot of do not know for person place is. How does ability do the website that doesn’t the exchange of a few high quality joins and injure his? Gave out oneself proposal, the hope notices in exchanging join below problem of a few detail.

1, the website that is being punished by Baidu, Gu Ge

This problem looks be like simple, compare actually complex, because this word above included 2 meanings, basically have:

(1) of website weight reduce, that is a website punish barometer by the search engine such as Baidu. How to judge website weight to reduce? The change of curve of the inquiry that the author thinks to be able to adopt pair of Baidu snapshot date, PR in searching engine, speed that collects speed will undertake.

(2) website of the other side must be examined when friendship is linked whether by K. Baidu K website not just of K is all, likely also of K is a homepage or a column.

2, Rel=nofollow is used in friendship link

When stationmaster meets, when everybody talks about friendship to link cogged circumstance, the stationmaster of all-purpose navigation net speaks a kind of such circumstances, saying is make exchange join with a certain website, the PR that sees the other side at that time is worth =5, of the website collect pretty good also, after doing, still thought to collect a defecate appropriate. One day wants to draw lessons from a certain function of website of the other side, examine the source code of website of the other side, inside much code of a Rel=nofollow, feel very strange, get online on look up, the result of inquiry is to be in Robots, if installed Nofollow, that friendship link won’t be indexed prop up capture by search. When because should search engine,visitting a website, can check the simple text file that whether there is to be called Robots.txt below catalog of this website root above all. Robots.txt file is used at demarcate search index to prop up the visit limits of pair of its websites, in telling to search engine website namely, what file is to allow it to undertake retrieval (download) . Because Rel=nofollow exists,heretofore just knows, be equal to tell to search engine, this link is nonexistent. Very furious at that time, also remind stationmaster friend nevertheless, must note this detail problem.

3, use I or JS calls or Flash or of the picture

What make clear in stationmaster book is accuse to be written in Baidu, the search engine such as Baidu won’t identify the application of I, Js, Flash, picture. This tells us with respect to what make clear, when doing friendship to link, if the other side used I or JS calls or Flash or of the picture, so friendship link does not have what meaning! Because Flash and picture decide very easily, but how I, Js decides? That can undertake inquiringed in source code only.

4, the website that illegal network address perhaps has virus

Search indexes the website that props up pair of sick poison feels disgusted exceedingly now, fiercer to according with the website K of national policy code to stand. Cannot see others website flow is large so, PR cost makes commutative connection high very gladly. When peak net is beginning, because be hurried,become a link, sufferred complicity finally, just restore to come over stage by stage till today.

5, use the website that hijacks PR value

Customarily, we always are willing and the website with tall PR makes commutative connection, think the PR that can be worth tall website to do friendship link to be able to raise him website with PR is worth all the time. Be in actually otherwise, after peak netizen affection joins, ability discovers, the PR of the other side so tall reason, hijack so. Decide the PR that the other side hijacks, need the serious website that studies the other side, see a website collect how, link how to wait reversely will be judged omnibusly was to use a domain name to be hijacked so that the PR that come is worth, if be, that has been done do not make such connection.

5 above concern a few detail that friendship links, we must notice, avoid to be deceived, the website that injures oneself.