Attract her simply: 10 kinds promote site spider creeping method

Core clew: An article that sees inadvertently, simple interpreter comes over, the hope reviews to a few scholarship the friend of SEO can provide a few helps.

1, the newer implied meaning via groovy law sex

2, it is normal to ensure the server works

3, make page as far as possible concise, ensure open career fast

4, examination interior links a structure, purify is linked to death and repeat a link

5, as far as possible much from acquire retrorse link with relevant site normally

6, check creep speed with Google stationmaster tool

7, make website map for the site, include Htm format and Xml form

8, ensure the server returns correct data bag to answer

9, the headline that makes independence for every page and Meta label (key word, description)

10, the creeping record of the Google that monitor