Attention: The likelihood in SEO is maintained to be the operation of rubbish website

In the process that handles SEO project, do not do these businesses. If did these things, your website can be maintained to be rubbish website by search engine, cannot be gone to by the search. And once be maintained to be rubbish website, it is so not easy to want to reinstate a rank, ask everybody to must notice.

One, conceal

Concealing is the webpage that the content on the webpage that shows the people that make sees and HML has very big difference. Normally gimmick is the keyword that is helpful for SEO with text input, but actually people cannot see these keywords at all, cheat search engine conciously namely.

Once be discovered,this kind conceals behavior, the website can be maintained to be rubbish website, clear from inside the database that searchs engine go out.

Specific for, palliative method has the following kinds:

1. input and setting hue are helpful for the keyword of SEO together.

2. shows the webpage to be helpful for SEO at first, the instant is changed into other webpage.

3. carries Tag(tag) operation, the photograph is covered on the character that is helpful for SEO.

Germany the website of some famous car manufacturer, because made this,once planted mistake, be kept clear of to go out by the search engine of Google.

2, exceeding links an operation

Install exterior link itself and do not have what problem. But if be a purpose in order to raise PageRank, excessive setting is linked, can be maintained to be rubbish website, be cleared to go out by search engine.

The website of company of representative of Japanese some advertisement once had made such mistake. It installs a link in great quantities in the congener website of our company operation, put these links in the webpage right inside the small pane of next horn, color very not conspicuous, but this kind of practice can be decided to be the pure operation to raise PageRank.

3, too much keyword

It and exceeding link operation are a truth. If install identical keyword in great quantities, can be maintained to be rubbish website.

4, make many webpage with same content

Having a few websites make money through achievement pay advertisement, to acquire more visit amounts, made the webpage with basic and identical content in great quantities. This also can be maintained to be rubbish website. Nevertheless, this kind of cognizance may not is mechanical judgement. Want content only sometimes interesting, although the webpage of content likeness is bit more irrespective also.

In Google, when the system is aware to some the website has a large number of identical content, can set a mark to this website allegedly, I think person eye cannot undertake affirming. The key depends on, as long as content is significant, a large number of uploading that also do not have a relation. These operation method were regarded as in the past SEO secret Ji. But this kind of skill that through cheating a search engine raises a rank, meet one day after all invalidation, still can suffer penalty even, be just the opposite to what one wished. Accordingly, seek these dull insignificant skill with its, still be inferior to enriching the content of the website dependably.

Because once be maintained,be rubbish website, the IP address of the website touched spot. Although overturn the website,come again, also remove this kind of effect hard, so some websites can abandon IP address.

But IP address is limited natural resources, if some LP address goes to be maintained to be rubbish website, so the new website that uses it also can catch stain.

Accordingly, when hire server, address of this IP below first-rate examination whether previous conviction.

If encountered the IP address of previous conviction unfortunately, we can change only IP address perhaps awaits stain as the die of time natural Xiao is broken. (