Asp.Net programmer and SEO – pay close attention to Sitemap

Sitemap believes everybody has certain knowledge, also be quite important in SEO, look in me Sitemap should be divided be two kinds is according to Sitemap the agreement is made, use Sitemap, and additionally one kind is made according to website itself demand namely, use Sitemap. Below I understand with respect to what say my from these two kinds of Sitemap.

Consultative sex Sitemap

Sitemap 0.90 is basis originality public accredit – same way is shared (the clause of Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons License) offers, be used extensively, suffer Google, Yahoo! With Microsoft inside the support of numerous manufacturer.

Sitemap 0.90 is Google, Yahoo! , a kind of level that the place of most search engine such as Microsoft, Ask supports. Particular case can arrive / </loc>

To usable XML mark undertakes demonstrative under.




Fill surely

Compress this file and offer current agreement standard to serve as reference.


Fill surely

The father of entry of every network address labels. Odd mark labels for this child mark.


Fill surely

The network address of this page. If your network server needs network address, this network address should begin with the agreement (for example: Http) and with sprit ending. This value must little at 2, 048 character.



The date that this file revises last. This date should be usedW3CDatetimeFormat. If need, this format allows to omit time part, use YYYY-MM-DD.
Ask an attention, the If-Modified-Since(304) that this mark can return unlike the server is heading, search engine may use the information of these two origin with different kind.



The page may produce changed frequency. This value provides run-of-mill information to search engine, likelihood and the frequency that search engine capture page are completely not relevant. Virtual value is:








AlwaysThe value ought to be used at the description to follow the documentation that be visited every time and changes. And the network address that Never value ought to use at the description to file.
Ask an attention, the value that capture tool can label this regards clew as and not be a command. Although search the meeting when engine capture tool is making a decision to consider this message, but the capture frequency that is Hourly page to mark is likely under horary, and the capture frequency that is Yearly page to mark is likely prep above is annual. Capture tool also may the webpage that fixed capture mark is Never, so that can be handled,change to anticipating of these webpages.



The first step of this network address is opposite of at the first step of other network address on your website character. Virtual value limits from 0 to 1. Should be worth what won’t affect online page of your webpage and other website to compare a result, is to inform search index to prop up you to think what webpage is most important to capture tool only.
The acquiescent and first step of a webpage is 0.5.
Ask an attention, the first step that specifies for the webpage can not affect the rank that network address is searching engine result page to go up. The meeting when searching engine to choose different network address on same website uses this information, accordingly, you can use this to label the webpage with increase the most important is searching the possibility that indicates in index.
Ask an attention additionally, for the website all medium network address specify fast first step and can not bring what profit. Because first step is opposite, use at undertaking choosing between the network address of your website only.

Navigation sex Sitemap

Navigation sex Sitemap, saying simply is to belong to navigation of a site implement. Show each node of the website to the user by layer class, allow an user can the sees this website framework of be clear at a glance. Going up to have list of a navigation in searching engine somehow inside catenary builds action. And the pattern that show because of the website different and different, till here is nodded.

Of course, has his Sitemap, it is Web.sitemap, he is the site navigation that belongs to property of a code, in the understanding in me he with respect to seem Sitemap of sex of a navigation. The Sitemap that still has Google level. The purpose of all Sitemap is the framework of clear temporary website then only, no matter be to press common standard construction, still all alone by some search engine level is built, no matter be,view is shown, no matter be,having effect of a tractive to search engine, belong to a catalog of the website, special be necessary quality. The website must not forget to build two Sitemap when writing a website.

What I write with share to generate the simple give typical examples of Sitemap.xml according to Sitemap 0.90 agreement below: generates download of Sitemap give typical examples.

Ps: ? Itemap of Mo of predestined relationship of Yue of  of  of Liang of Wu illicit ㄒ is compared in website initial stage applicable, once data bulk increases, search engine collects stability, cancel Sitemap function, possible search is not otherwise complete. Nevertheless, if have special need, for example, need those who be used in Google Webmaster to examine a link to wait a moment. These are possible still.

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